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posted by hubie on Wednesday March 27, @08:11AM   Printer-friendly
from the perhaps-it's-still-better-to-see-the-USA-in-your-Chevrolet dept.

Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun to step down as part of management shakeup at embattled plane maker:

Boeing Co CEO Dave Calhoun will step down by year-end, in a broad management shakeup brought on by the plane maker's sprawling safety crisis stemming from a January mid-air panel blowout on a 737 Max plane.

The plane maker also said that Stan Deal, Boeing Commercial Airplanes President and CEO, would retire, and Stephanie Pope would lead that business. Steve Mollenkopf has been appointed the new chair of the board.

The leadership change caps weeks of turmoil at Boeing, after the mid-air incident involving an Alaska Airlines-operated Max 9 jet carrying 171 passengers turned into a full-blown safety and reputational crisis for the iconic plane maker.

The company is facing heavy regulatory scrutiny and U.S. authorities curbed production while it attempts to fix safety and quality issues. The company is in talks to buy its former subsidiary Spirit AeroSystems to try to get more control over its supply chain.

[...] Since Calhoun took the reins, the company has endured ongoing delays to production. Still, in October, Calhoun was upbeat over how fast Boeing could raise output of its Max jets, saying Boeing would get back to 38 jets a month and was "anxious to build from there as fast as we can."

But weeks after the mid-air cabin panel blowout in January, Calhoun said it's time to "go slow to go fast."

The company's crisis has frustrated airlines already struggling with delivery delays from both Boeing and its rival Airbus, and the plane maker has been burning more cash than expected in this quarter than expected.

"For years, we prioritized the movement of the airplane through the factory over getting it done right, and that's got to change," West said last week.

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  • (Score: 2) by Opportunist on Wednesday March 27, @11:12AM (1 child)

    by Opportunist (5545) on Wednesday March 27, @11:12AM (#1350551)

    Get out before the lock you up for criminal neglect!

    And hope that golden parachute opens.

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  • (Score: 4, Informative) by Ox0000 on Wednesday March 27, @09:53PM

    by Ox0000 (5111) on Wednesday March 27, @09:53PM (#1350559)

    The previous CEO, Dennis Muilenburg [] scored a USD 62,000,000 walk-away parachute:

    from [], which is the current state of that wiki page as of writing this reply:

    ...Although he forfeited stock worth $14.6m, Muilenburg was contractually entitled to receive $62.2m in stock and pension awards.
    US Senator Elizabeth Warren wrote regarding the payment by Boeing, '346 people died. And yet, Dennis Muilenburg pressured regulators and put profits ahead of the safety of passengers, pilots, and flight attendants. He'll walk away with an additional $62.2 million. This is corruption, plain and simple.'