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posted by janrinok on Wednesday March 12 2014, @11:33PM   Printer-friendly
from the I-was-doing-OK-until-it-mentioned-perl dept.

xyzzyyzzyx writes:

"Avantslash is touting a user hosted perl script that, if paired with any web browser with JavaScript, promises to shave crucial bytes off of the standard Slash-based experience, one of which is our very own SoylentNews. Audiences include those with very limited bandwidth, such as those in developing countries with only 2G mobile access or dialup."

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  • (Score: 2) by NCommander on Thursday March 13 2014, @03:46PM

    by NCommander (2) Subscriber Badge <> on Thursday March 13 2014, @03:46PM (#15922) Homepage Journal

    There's some damn low-hanging fruit w.r.t. to Javascript and stuff on the site. For non-admins, I don't think we're actually using JS anywhere in the layout. backSlash goes snicker-snap if you disable JS, but I think we can safely make all those JS files conditional loads on is_admin and NOT break the site.

    It WAS used for firehose, but that feature is so nackered, I don't think its coming back without a rewrite.

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  • (Score: 1) by iWantToKeepAnon on Thursday March 13 2014, @04:14PM

    by iWantToKeepAnon (686) on Thursday March 13 2014, @04:14PM (#15944) Homepage Journal

    How about adding a user-agent dropdown as part of the homepage preferences? Then for my desktop mozilla I can have the full blown experience. For my mobile browser I could pick Simple+Low/B+No Icons. When I visit preferences there could be a "default" for all UAs and a (+) button to add my current UA.

    That should make a friendly "mobile" soylent site with (hopefully) little extra coding.

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