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posted by mattie_p on Saturday February 15 2014, @10:31PM   Printer-friendly
from the bitcoin-is-the-shizznit dept.

Gaaark writes:

"According to the BBC, Silk Road 2, the infamous online market for illicit goods, was hacked through the manipulation of 'computer code' which caused a $2.7 million loss.

In a statement posted on Silk Road 2 forums, the administrator of the site, known as Defcon, said: 'We have been hacked. Nobody is in danger, no information has been leaked, and server access was never obtained by the attacker.'

Prior to the Silk Road 2's loss, MtGox and other BitCoin exchanges had already disabled withdrawals due to a currency wide vulnerability.

Do you 'collect' Bitcoins? What is the future of cryptocurrencies now that countries have started 'banning' them?"

[Ed. note] Bitteridge would suggest "None - there is no future."

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  • (Score: 5, Interesting) by _NSAKEY on Sunday February 16 2014, @02:23AM

    by _NSAKEY (16) on Sunday February 16 2014, @02:23AM (#189)
    I wouldn't be surprised if the Silk Road 2.0 admins decided that now would be the perfect time to steal from their users. On a slightly related note, I find it impossible to have sympathy for mtgox, on the grounds that they whined about bitcoind not being able to handle their transaction volume, while other, bigger exchanges can use bitcoind without any problems (Translation: mtgox is either too stupid or cheap to buy more RAM). Therefore, there's been this lame PR spin attempt to blame mtgox's problems on bitcoin as a whole (More about it can be found here: ries-to-pin-its-own-incompetence-on-bitcoin-bug []).
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