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posted by LaminatorX on Friday March 14 2014, @01:35PM   Printer-friendly
from the blather-rinse-repeat dept.

Fluffeh writes:

"In a written statement to a House Judiciary Subcommittee hearing on the DMCA takedown system, RIAA CEO Cary Sherman informed lawmakers about the ongoing struggle against online piracy. 'All those links to infringing music files that were automatically repopulated by each pirate site after today's takedown will be re-indexed and appear in search results tomorrow. Every day we have to send new notices to take down the very same links to illegal content we took down the day before. It's like Groundhog Day for takedowns,' Sherman says.

Google, however, clearly disagrees with the RIAA, Katherine Oyama, Google's Senior Copyright Policy Counsel said 'The best way to battle piracy is with better, more convenient, legitimate alternatives to piracy, as services ranging from Netflix to Spotify to iTunes have demonstrated. The right combination of price, convenience, and inventory will do far more to reduce piracy than enforcement can.'"

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  • (Score: 2) by bucc5062 on Friday March 14 2014, @03:08PM

    by bucc5062 (699) on Friday March 14 2014, @03:08PM (#16421)

    RIAA, not getting its way in the play ground goes running back to Mummy and Daddy Congress.
    "Mummy, Daddy, they're not being nice to me,"
    "Who my dear wateringhole..I mean child?"
    "Google Mummy. They wont do exactly what I tell them to do. Fix it!"
    "Suger Baby, it's not that simple, it is still somewhat a free country"
    "I don't care. if you want me to still be nice and keep giving you my sugar, you better fix this"

    RIAA is a sloit little child and they ran right to the people who will take care of them. I could just see those sage fonts of Bullshittery nodding their heads saying, sure we will. You still have that check for me..I mean for our campaign funds?

    I remember some time back there was a P2P file sharing system that somehow hid the originators (seeders?) by bouncing the flow via multiple routes. I wonder what happened to that for it seems to me torrent is to vulnerable to detection.

    I wonder if there could be a P@P distributed system that works similar to DNS. It maintains simple tables of file locations, hashed and encrypted. When I put out a request it gets passed to local tables and if it is not there they pass on the request till the file(s) are found, then the data is split, sent back via the hashed/encrypted address information such that the sender and the receiver have no idea who is who.

    Not an advocate of infringing copyright, but I am also sick of seeing pricing that is piracy, and the attitude that what is yours is really mine. I'd prefer to pay, but I've also stopped buying music, movies, or anything digital but for rare occasions.

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