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posted by janrinok on Saturday March 15 2014, @11:47PM   Printer-friendly
from the more-lock-in-is-just-what-we-needed dept.

FuckBeta writes:

"Guido Stepko reports - In an GOLEM interview at CEBIT 2014 fair, Frank Kuypers, technical account manager at INTEL corp., proudly presented a new feature in INTEL processors, called "hooks", beginning with the new 2014 "Merrifield" 64 bit SoC chip generation.

In the Intel network only mobiles with certain Android versions are allowed to use certain functionalities. If you then replace your Android version, e.g. by a free Cyanogenmod Android kernel, not only some chips would stop working, e.g. LTE/UMTS, but also mails from your employer would be blinded out, because now the processor itself would 'classify' the new software as 'risk'.

Now, beginning with the new 2014 power efficient mobile "Merrifield" processor generation, this functionality will be used to lock the processor for certain OS'es or OS versions. Whether there will be a SDK or use of this 'functionality' will be kept a secret, still is undecided, Kuypers said.

Ryan O'Dell sees a potential abuse of the technology: "You'll buy a computer from a shop with Windows OS and not be able to change to Linux or another OS in the future. You may be able to buy the processor unlocked for a sum. With mobile phones/tablets it can be worse with phone networks also potentially have a lock-in. It's a disaster for the consumer"

Google translation from German: (Google)

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  • (Score: 5, Funny) by juggs on Sunday March 16 2014, @02:51AM

    by juggs (63) on Sunday March 16 2014, @02:51AM (#17048) Journal

    ..after losing the original restore CDs and documentation..

    Which century did you last buy a "device" in?

    If you're lucky you get a "recovery" partition from which if everything is aligned correctly, it is a solstice and nubile maidens are sacrificed at some unannounced stone circle, will be capable of restoring the "device" to something like it was when you bought it (not much help if it's the disk that pegs out of course).

    If you are doubly lucky your new "device" will have some preloaded funky "restore DVD creator wizard" application that will nag you incessantly to burn your own restore media, despite in most cases the "device" not actually having any optical burning capabality. Should you be trebly lucky and have been granted the privelege of an optical writer the "wizard" will instruct you that you need 20 DVDs - so you obediently buy a 20 or 30 drum of writeable DVDs and begin the process of creation. During which process, between the "device" going to sleep because it is idle, needing more updates (and automatically rebooting "for your safety"), being generally distracted by nagging you to do other "vital" things to sustain it's existence it royally fucks up writing said DVDs and spews a torrent of "verification of media failed" errors, leading you to purchase at least double the originally required number of blank DVDs.

    Should you have the patience of a lobotomised saint, whose sainthood happened to be granted to be saint of all that is patient in the most patient society in the whole of patience eternal - maybe a couple of weeks later you can smugly look at the stack of "successfully" burnt DVDs, neatly etched in your finest marker prose - "Disc1", "Disc2" etc.

    Being a concientious, obedient and patient chap - you think OK, well now they are burnt, I should test them - it's only been a couple of weeks and I've done nothing yet with this device other than some updates and burn these DVDs, now would be the time to test my backup. After a day or so of searching for the cunningly disguised online manual for your "device" (no you don't get that on paper) you find the magic incantation to commence the restore process at reboot - seems straight forward enough - "Place 'Disc1' in the drive and hold the magic incantation buttons whilst booting". OK.

    "Device" boots up and magic words appear - "Restore initiated - Disc1 found. Proceeding with restore - initial format of drive... ... .."

    After a couple of days another message - "Drive format complete... commencing restore... !ERROR Disc1 failed - please insert other media or try again Y-N-Maybe-LOLUnicorns?! ~Bieber~ _ "

    By this point delerium is starting to set in and you think perhaps 'LOLUnicorns?!' might be the best option, but quickly dismiss that as nonsense and realise there is no sane answer to the question posed (and damned if you are letting a default Bieber rum amok), surely the guy who programmed this recovery routine was sensible and thought to provide a failsafe - so you hit the only option - the power off, can't make things any worse right?.

    Once the beautiful purple LEDS have stopped winking and things have gone dark, you rescue 'Disc1' from the drive and restore it to it's rightful place on top of the DVD pile. Then hit power...
    "No trusted boot media or OS found Y-N-Maybe-LOLUnicorns?! ~Bieber~ _ "

    At this point your only hope is the manufacturer's hell-desk.... and how has that ever worked out for anyone? You know it's game over, you have a paperweight, can't even summon the strength to pick up the telephone receiver to dial the premium rate "support" number that will route you through 50 different menu options before helpfully placing you in a queue where "your call is important to us" for roughly the next 3 millenia before then conecting you to a service engaged tone briefly and then promptly disconnecting you with an amazingly irksome yet chirpy "Please try later.".


    HOW the fuck did it come to this?
    TRUST a hardware manufacturer to have OUR interests at heart and allow them to decide what may or may not run? Sure, that will work out all fine and dandy I'm sure.

    This crap just keeps resurfacing over and over again, it's like the unflushable turd - a fucking turd made of expanded polystyrene then quickly spray painted brown to make it look like a turd, then given an even quicker blast of gold paint to make it look good and briefly shown a polishing rag.

    No, no and thrice no. Just fuck off and make some fast hardware - that's what you're good at (alledgedly, although your continual need to be messing about in someone else's space might suggest otherwise).

    Well I sure hope no-one actually managed to read right through that all, it feels better having waffled it all off anyway. My apologies to those who did wade through it all now feel an absolute sense of gloom about there lives, I would stop to help, but I'm on hold to Intel suuport... apparently my call is important to them! :D

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  • (Score: 5, Informative) by Nerdfest on Sunday March 16 2014, @03:20AM

    by Nerdfest (80) on Sunday March 16 2014, @03:20AM (#17053)

    The last laptop I bought was from System 76. No troubles of this sort at all. I think people need to start paying attention to buying from suppliers that have at least some of their customers interests in mind.

    • (Score: 2) by juggs on Sunday March 16 2014, @05:00AM

      by juggs (63) on Sunday March 16 2014, @05:00AM (#17086) Journal

      Or just not bothering to buy at all.

  • (Score: 4, Insightful) by clone141166 on Sunday March 16 2014, @04:37AM

    by clone141166 (59) on Sunday March 16 2014, @04:37AM (#17078)

    Can't stop laughing at that comment. It's scary how many parts of it align with reality though.

  • (Score: 4, Funny) by Runaway1956 on Sunday March 16 2014, @09:18AM

    by Runaway1956 (2926) Subscriber Badge on Sunday March 16 2014, @09:18AM (#17133) Homepage Journal


    You err though. "before helpfully placing you in a queue where "your call is important to us" for roughly the next 3 millenia" India has reduced those call waiting times to less than 2.5 millenia, and they are working to reduce them further. The world is following suit, as quickly as technology permits!

    There is a supply side shortage of pronouns. You will take whatever you are offered.
  • (Score: 5, Informative) by marcello_dl on Sunday March 16 2014, @11:53AM

    by marcello_dl (2685) on Sunday March 16 2014, @11:53AM (#17155)

    That is why you usb boot into clonezilla before even registering your windows installation, get rid of unwanted documents and image your entire hard drive. Of course this is not possible with secure boot, in that case return the faulty PC as it is a faulty PC as it does not do PERSONAL COMPUTING.

  • (Score: 2) by tangomargarine on Monday March 17 2014, @03:35PM

    by tangomargarine (667) on Monday March 17 2014, @03:35PM (#17659)

    +1 Simultaneously Laughing And Crying

    "Is that really true?" "I just spent the last hour telling you to think for yourself! Didn't you hear anything I said?"
  • (Score: 0) by Anonymous Coward on Monday March 17 2014, @05:38PM

    by Anonymous Coward on Monday March 17 2014, @05:38PM (#17716)

    That.. That was beautiful.

  • (Score: 0) by Anonymous Coward on Monday March 17 2014, @11:45PM

    by Anonymous Coward on Monday March 17 2014, @11:45PM (#17843)

    I LOLUnicorned hard at this