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posted by janrinok on Saturday March 15 2014, @11:47PM   Printer-friendly
from the more-lock-in-is-just-what-we-needed dept.

FuckBeta writes:

"Guido Stepko reports - In an GOLEM interview at CEBIT 2014 fair, Frank Kuypers, technical account manager at INTEL corp., proudly presented a new feature in INTEL processors, called "hooks", beginning with the new 2014 "Merrifield" 64 bit SoC chip generation.

In the Intel network only mobiles with certain Android versions are allowed to use certain functionalities. If you then replace your Android version, e.g. by a free Cyanogenmod Android kernel, not only some chips would stop working, e.g. LTE/UMTS, but also mails from your employer would be blinded out, because now the processor itself would 'classify' the new software as 'risk'.

Now, beginning with the new 2014 power efficient mobile "Merrifield" processor generation, this functionality will be used to lock the processor for certain OS'es or OS versions. Whether there will be a SDK or use of this 'functionality' will be kept a secret, still is undecided, Kuypers said.

Ryan O'Dell sees a potential abuse of the technology: "You'll buy a computer from a shop with Windows OS and not be able to change to Linux or another OS in the future. You may be able to buy the processor unlocked for a sum. With mobile phones/tablets it can be worse with phone networks also potentially have a lock-in. It's a disaster for the consumer"

Google translation from German: (Google)

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  • (Score: 2) by SlimmPickens on Monday March 17 2014, @07:52AM

    by SlimmPickens (1056) on Monday March 17 2014, @07:52AM (#17439)

    Here ya go friend

    Thanks, very useful! Tiger has evaded my filter bubble. Those prices are good enough that I can ship CPU's and SSD's to Australia and not care about the warranty.

    The main thing that impresses me about those AMD chips is the full set of virtualization extensions. The efficiency is bad but the price is so good that one of those hexacore kits might just be the first computer bought specifically for my new xen setup. The only other hardware I've specifically bought so far is this [] router that has comprehensive wirelss control (point to multipoint, virtual AP's, tuning) and lots of enterprise features including rudimentry support for openflow. Not bad for $130 list price.

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  • (Score: 1) by Hairyfeet on Monday March 17 2014, @01:45PM

    by Hairyfeet (75) <> on Monday March 17 2014, @01:45PM (#17576) Journal

    Don't buy the power bullshit friend, as AMD and Intel figure their differently so its not comparable. IIRC Intel figures their based on a theoretical load while AMD runs real world tests and bases their numbers on what you will see in the field. I can tell you that my hexacore gets pounded damned near 24/7, when not gaming its transcoding or doing backups and it still runs cool enough that it maxes out at just 128F with a $29 Hyper N520 Coolermaster (Great HSF BTW, fits into nearly any mATX and is VERY quiet, pretty much all I use on my new builds anymore).

    And if you are into VMs? Boy are you gonna be a happy camper, AMD virtualization support is top notch. Hell I have run Linux and XP VMs on my little E350 netbook, thanks to the hardware VM support and large amount of RAM it just purrs and those hexacores make running multiple VMs child's play. Folks wonder why I never mention the octocores but IMHO the hexacores are the sweet spot and the extra $$ for those two cores just don't make for a good deal unless you can come up with enough useful work to keep that many cores fed, not to mention the octocores are hotter and slower than the 95w hexas.

    So enjoy your new gear, I bet once you see how nicely those AMD purr and how nice the Tiger prices are you'll be like me and shop there a lot. BTW just FYI but another nice feature is most AMD boards support ECC RAM so unlike Intel you don't need server boards and chips to get that feature...enjoy!

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