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posted by LaminatorX on Monday March 17 2014, @08:04AM   Printer-friendly
from the series-of-tubes dept.

evilviper writes:

"According to industry analysts, the reduced sales of traditional switching/routing heavyweights, during this traditionally active time, is due to widespread corporate investments and trials of software defined networking (SDN) equipment, which promises to improve routing efficiency, network management, and dramatically reduce hardware costs. Industry heavyweights like Google, Amazon, Facebook, and others are already heavily invested in OpenFlow and SDN, but it seems to be taking hold on a much wider scale, and not just in ultra-massive data centers."

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  • (Score: 2) by SlimmPickens on Monday March 17 2014, @02:32PM

    by SlimmPickens (1056) on Monday March 17 2014, @02:32PM (#17611)

    What the hell? I read your opinion, I expressed a complementary - not contradictory - point of view.

    I'm sorry. I did feel you were attacking me for not supporting Linux. My bad.

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  • (Score: 0) by Anonymous Coward on Monday March 17 2014, @03:16PM

    by Anonymous Coward on Monday March 17 2014, @03:16PM (#17637)

    The "now guess what?" part sounded kind of aggressive.

  • (Score: 2) by c0lo on Monday March 17 2014, @03:18PM

    by c0lo (156) Subscriber Badge on Monday March 17 2014, @03:18PM (#17640) Journal
    Accepted. Rereading the thread, I learned my lesson too - should avoid rhetorical question that admit a snarky interpretation (the "Guess what?" one) - while I did not intend it as an attack, I can't really fault anyone that would take it like so; my apologies for that.