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posted by takyon on Saturday May 16 2015, @05:12AM   Printer-friendly
from the MichaelDavidCrawfordNews dept.

Claiming it's because there's no poles to mount them on, the City of Paradise Valley, Arizona began installing license plate readers inside towering, fake cacti:

LPRs are normally mounted on light poles and traffic lights to scan for stolen cars or vehicles involved in an Amber Alert, but cities and counties have been stashing them in dozens of different covert locations, from car's fog lamps to retrofitted ladders. And in Arizona, it's not uncommon to see antennas camouflaged as a cactus, so the decision – at least from an aesthetic point-of-view – makes sense.

[...] [Town manager Kevin] Burke said the cameras are not being put in fake cactus to be secretive, but because there are no light poles in the area to put them on. He says they're trying to make the cameras aesthetically pleasing. It's all part of a $2 million police technology upgrade the council passed last year.

Is it safe to say the cameras are operated by a bunch of pricks?

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  • (Score: 0) by Anonymous Coward on Saturday May 16 2015, @06:05PM

    by Anonymous Coward on Saturday May 16 2015, @06:05PM (#183791)

    My spray-paint idea was to alert others to the ruse by painting letters on the fakes
    such that the tip of the arrow is painted over the lens.

    -- gewg_