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posted by LaminatorX on Thursday March 20 2014, @12:00PM   Printer-friendly
from the who-wanted-that? dept.

Rashek writes:

"Alex Kibkalo, an ex-Microsoft employee was just arrested for stealing and leaking company secrets.

Having spent seven years working for Microsoft, Kibkalo is alleged to have leaked Windows 8 code to a French technology blogger in mid-2012, prior to the software's release. Kibkalo was apparently angry over a poor performance review."

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  • (Score: 2, Informative) by tftp on Friday March 21 2014, @02:31AM

    by tftp (806) on Friday March 21 2014, @02:31AM (#19137) Homepage

    they get marked as spam by Google/Microsoft/etc. unless you grease the right palms.

    I can only agree with bstamour - as long as you do simple measures, like having a static IP address and reverse DNS, you are good. I personally also publish a very aggressive DMARC policy: anything that pretends to be from me but does not pass SPF or DKIM checks is to be discarded. SPF only requires you to publish a simple record in DNS; DKIM for Postfix is free. Works great.

    I also run a similar setup (but with MS Exchange) for the business. DKIM for Exchange costs a few hundred dollars (one time fee for the software.) I tried several outsourced email providers, and they all were rejected, for one reason or another. You simply have no control; when something happens all you can do is to call the provider and beg them to look into the problem. I even have my own network of three DNS servers (at different IP addresses) because anything else is just testing your patience. The DNS at the domain registrar is controlled through the Web interface, does not work, and the tech support is just telling me that it's all OK and I have nothing to worry about - when I have a specific bug identified and presented to them. It was infinitely cheaper and easier to just deploy three boxes with BIND.

    I have three network accounts in my MUA. Two of them are on my servers, the third one is a 3rd party account. Guess which account fails now and then? People at hosting companies have no second thought about messing with the email system whenever it is convenient to them.

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