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posted by janrinok on Thursday March 20 2014, @04:27PM   Printer-friendly
from the cue-vim-emacs-war-in-5-4-3-2-1 dept.

Hell_Rok writes:

"Neovim is an effort to aggressively re-factor the Vim source code and improve on:

  • It will provide first class support for embedding.
  • It lets you extend the editor in any programming language.
  • It supports more powerful GUIs.
  • Vim plugins will work with it.

Hosted on Bounty Source it has reached $25,500 of it's goal of $10,000, although there are still 3 days to reach further stretch goals! You can view the projects current progress and even pitch in over at GitHub. As someone who has started using Vim full-time over the last 6 months I feel that this is a very good project for the longevity of Vim."

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  • (Score: 3, Interesting) by Marneus68 on Thursday March 20 2014, @06:09PM

    by Marneus68 (3572) on Thursday March 20 2014, @06:09PM (#18991) Homepage

    I find this project a nice but unnecessary rewrite. Sure, the vim source could use a little cleanup, but as I see it, this piece of software reached the "done" status a while ago already. It does everything I need to the notable exception of the famed (and still kinda rare) elastic tabstops [].
    If this rewrite includes (or makes it easier to implement) these, then, I might donate. Any info on the matter ?

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  • (Score: 2, Informative) by Desler on Thursday March 20 2014, @06:14PM

    by Desler (880) on Thursday March 20 2014, @06:14PM (#18994)

    It's not a rewrite. The are working from the Vim code as the starting point.