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posted by Dopefish on Sunday February 16 2014, @09:37PM   Printer-friendly
from the the-cold-war-has-started-again dept.

Gaaark writes:

"Germany plans to beef up its counterintelligence tactics against allied countries in response to revelations of widespread US spying, Der Spiegel magazine reported Sunday.

In the wake of the leaks by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, the German government is considering deploying its own agents to keep tabs on Western secret services and embassies on German soil, including those of the United States and Britain.

They'll deploy two spies, and they'll deploy two spies, and so on, and so on... Read about it here, at Security Week"

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  • (Score: 1) by omoc on Monday February 17 2014, @06:16AM

    by omoc (39) on Monday February 17 2014, @06:16AM (#446)

    This is not good for the citizens or for the global climate, since it might add tension and ultimately lead to more wars.

    lead to more wars? Sorry but that's utter BS!

    In Europe you currently have a lot of public pressure about NSA snooping so the politicians have to "act" on it. Merkel would indeed never push anything against the US, this is just a maneuver to silence some critics. She is still the major force pushing the free trade zone forward and just pushed a major critic (Hans-Peter Friedrich) in her own coalition to resign this week. If they were really interested in having the US listen to privacy concerns the free trade zone would be the card to play here.

  • (Score: 1) by bopal on Monday February 17 2014, @09:32AM

    by bopal (321) on Monday February 17 2014, @09:32AM (#527)

    Friedrich was secretary of state in the last legislative period, where he announced the NSA-affair to be over last summer. After elections in september and the forming of a new government he was assigned to be head of the agricultural department. He had to resign because he was involved in tipping the target of a child-pornography investigation.
    Also, isn't all this spying mostly used for business intelligence anyway?

    • (Score: 1) by omoc on Monday February 17 2014, @01:00PM

      by omoc (39) on Monday February 17 2014, @01:00PM (#645)

      Oh very good, you're reading the news like a brainwashed citizen. He opposed the free trade zone very hard because of food standard concerns. He did *NOT* want to resign over the pornography investigation, but Merkel pushed him to do so. Read up on your sources please and then come back.