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posted by NCommander on Sunday February 16 2014, @10:13PM   Printer-friendly
from the ¡sᴉɥʇ-sǝlpuɐɥ-ʍou-ǝʇᴉs-ǝɥʇ dept.
So, after dealing with a bit of monkeying with the database, I'm pleased to announce that Soylent should (in theory) have support for UTF-8 starting immediately. Now obviously this isn't well tested, so this is your chance to break the site in two, consider the comments below to be "open season" so to speak. I know the comment preview has some issues with UTF-8 (and it only works at all in Plain Text or HTML modes)

For purposes of breakage, anything that breaks the site layout/Reply To/Parent/Moderate buttons, or breaks any comments beyond itself is considered bad. We need to stop those. If you can break it (which shouldn't be hard), you earn a cookie, and I'll get you in the CREDITS file as something awesome.

For comments that are just plain unreadable, moderation will take care of them, and that isn't considered a bug. So go forth and BREAK my minions! ()}:o)↺
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  • (Score: 1) by VLM on Monday February 17 2014, @02:19PM

    by VLM (445) on Monday February 17 2014, @02:19PM (#711)




    ∇xH= ∂D/∂t+j

  • (Score: 2, Funny) by VLM on Monday February 17 2014, @02:25PM

    by VLM (445) on Monday February 17 2014, @02:25PM (#720)

    Maxwells equations always sounded better in their original Klingon.

    Its supposed to be pretty tame stuff, div B equals zero and all that. Net charge of magnetic field in space doesn't exist aka net flow in and out of a closed surface is zero as long as monopoles don't exist, that kind of thing.