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posted by cmn32480 on Sunday July 05 2015, @10:55AM   Printer-friendly
from the but-apple-can-do-no-wrong dept.

According to Forbes, Apple Music Could Wreck Your iTunes Library:

At its heart, Apple Music is a simple proposition. For your monthly subscription fee, Apple will offer you access to a library of over 30 million tracks. You can listen, explore, and discover to your heart's content, and you can take that music with you wherever you go. But subscribing to Apple Music and making full use of the streaming service requires a sacrifice.

You have to hand over control of your iTunes music library to Apple and hope that Cupertino's arrogance will preserve your music collection.

[...] The issue that is upsetting many Apple users is that moment when you turn on iCloud Music for the first time and your tracks are synced to the cloud. Apple's methodology on this is not clear, but from reports and feedback from users across the internet, it appears that Apple's view of metadata and what the 'correct' track is, will take precedence over your custom edits.

The Verge's Chris Welch highlights his preference of listening to early tracks from The Beatles in mono format (just as they were recorded) rather than the automatic matching services' preferences for stereo versions. Support forums talk of collections approaching 20,00 songs becoming corrupted and full of duplicate entries, incorrect meta-data overwriting current entries, album art switched out to show the wrong albums, and more stories of personal pain. 

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  • (Score: 2) by Gaaark on Sunday July 05 2015, @04:46PM

    by Gaaark (41) on Sunday July 05 2015, @04:46PM (#205314) Journal

    I truly fail to understand why the gum-chewing masses have suddenly decided they want something like this. Why pay month after month for music that disappears as soon as you stop paying?

    Same with Windows... at my work, the managers computer just got 'upgraded' to Windows 7, locked down. It can do nothing that couldn't do better with linux (we are even running linux programs (moved from SCO unix, lol) in an emulated environment!!!): our server is running linux with support, so why not just upgrade to linux with support if you are worried about support.

    All of the computers are now running Windows 7, when only the accountant needs it due to software (yes, I know it could be running in an emulator/virtual environment under linux, but don't tell me).

    We switched from Outlook to gmail, from Explorer to Chrome/Firefox. Then we upgrade to Widows 7?
      I. Just. Don't. Get. It. (but Microsoft did... the $$ anyways).

    "Cut your hours and customer support.... so we can hand money off to Microsoftie" just doesn't cut it with me. My 2 pennies.

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