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posted by cmn32480 on Sunday July 05 2015, @05:45PM   Printer-friendly
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In an article from 9 News Australia, photographer Dylan O'Donnel gives us a stunning view of the ISS against the backdrop of the moon.

With the space station rocketing around the Earth at approximately 27,600 km/h, astrophotograher Dylan O'Donnell had less than a second to capture the incredible moment using his telescope and digital camera.

In this image, the space station was roughly 400km above Mr O'Donnell's home town of Byron Bay in New South Wales, but even at this distance, the distinct shape and features of the orbital outpost are clearly visible, including its solar panels and various pressurised modules.

The original hi-resolution photo can be found here.

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    We know from your posting history that you don't even consider bearing fruit on southern trees to be racist, so there's no way I'd expect you to pick up the subtle implications in the Sagan script. I'll throw you some chum though - look for the bit that is most parochial.
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    In English, next time?

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