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posted by martyb on Monday July 06 2015, @08:57AM   Printer-friendly
from the getting-what-you-asked-for-may-not-be-getting-what-you-want dept.

The Greeks voted no to the European Union's terms, despite warnings from the EU that rejecting new austerity terms would set their country on a path out of the Eurozone. 62% voted "No" while 38% voted "Yes".

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  • (Score: 2) by Kromagv0 on Monday July 06 2015, @06:29PM

    by Kromagv0 (1825) on Monday July 06 2015, @06:29PM (#205776) Homepage

    Well it looks like they still do owe some private banks money [](see the graphic at the end of the article) but the bulk is to national banks, the ECB, and IMF. Also it looks like things are going to get real bad quick since the ECB isn't providing any more emergency loans to Greek banks [] so those banks are going to likely run out of money shortly as people pull money out.

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