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posted by janrinok on Monday March 24 2014, @08:28PM   Printer-friendly
from the jason-who? dept.

Anonymous Coward writes:

"An article regarding adding support for a json variant to PostgreSQl appears interesting. From the article:

This work is a confluence of two projects - our hstore and json, which [have been] in PostgreSQL for years in somewhat incomplete forms - hstore (10 years old!) implements key-value storage with binary storage and indexing, while json - document storage implemented as a text. I and Teodor Sigaev have started working on nested hstore more than year ago with support of Engine Yard and got working prototype with everything document-oriented storage needed (see our presentations in Ottawa, 2013, Dublin, 2013,, which eventually happens to be binary storage for jsonb - a new data type, introduced by Andrew Dunstan, which has everything from json, but performs better, thanks to binary representation and indexing ! jsonb doesn't preserve an order of keys and keys are unique ( the last win)."

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  • (Score: 2, Insightful) by fishybell on Monday March 24 2014, @09:25PM

    by fishybell (3156) on Monday March 24 2014, @09:25PM (#20570)

    For many applications, ACID compliance is truly key, but the ability to scale horizontally and store application data seamlessly have been, AFAIK, the major reasons to drop ACID in favor MongoDB and its ilk. Now that there is better support for replication -- with multi-master replication on the horizon -- and this new update, Postgres once again proves that while it doesn't cover 100% of use cases you can think of today, it will eventually. (side note, — doesn't seem to work)

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