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posted by Dopefish on Monday February 17 2014, @02:06AM   Printer-friendly
from the allow-me-to-introduce-myself dept.
Dopefish writes

Greetings Soylentils! And welcome to SoylentNews!

We are here to deliver the best community-sourced news, catered for all manner of nerd! Because this is a grassroots based platform, the content feeds are powered by readers like you. Our main objective is to highlight news stories on the web that are of importance to everyone, but especially nerds. In addition, SoylentNews will strive to go beyond simple news-aggregation, with some core principles:
  • Providing a soapbox for experts to discuss their profession and solicit questions from a curious audience.
  • Allowing the community to comment, without any mandatory registration.
  • Staying mindful of the community's needs and wants while avoiding changes to satisfy an overarching corporate agenda.

We want to make this your source for news about technology, art, and science. We are the new kid on the block and are adapting quickly to satisfy our community's needs, as we look forward to exceeding your expectations and pushing boundaries like never before. Lastly, there will be no changes in format without a general consensus from the community. Thank you for stopping by and enjoy the ride!


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  • (Score: -1, Offtopic) by Cold Fjord on Monday February 17 2014, @05:56AM

    by Cold Fjord (129) on Monday February 17 2014, @05:56AM (#427)
    Phone tapping national leaders 'normal', says former Indonesian spy chief []

    Indonesia's former top spy master has accused his own President of exaggerating the problem of phone tapping, saying attempts by intelligence agencies to snoop on national leaders were "normal".

    And former spy agency chief Abdullah Mahmud Hendropriyono has also punctured claims by his Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa that Indonesia would never tap the phones of Australian politicians, insisting it was a routine part of "black intelligence". .....

    Mr Hendropriyono, the head of Badan Intelijen Negara (BIN) until 2004, has been thrust into the Australian political debate because of a TV interview he gave in 2004, in which he admitted to bugging Australian politicians. .....

    In an interview with Fairfax Media, the former Indonesian army general has now amplified his 2004 comments, saying of Australia's attempts to listen to the conversations of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, the first lady and their confidantes: "For intelligence, it's normal."

    He added that Indonesia not only had the capacity to tap the phones of Australians, but that intelligence agencies also had a responsibility to try it, "friend or foe". .....

    Asked if Indonesia could listen to Mr Abbott's phone, he said: "We have the ability to tap and to counter-tap". However, he also suggested that Australian counterintelligence would prevent this happening.

    Mr Hendropriyono said human intelligence — what he called "white intelligence" — was standard practice in embassies worldwide, but that phone tapping was "the most reliable" way to confirm information gathered.

    "Tapping and counter-tapping is quite common in the intelligence life, because it is one of their primary jobs," he said. .....

    "Intelligence is judged like in sport, two boxers fighting in the ring. They punch and they counter-punch... They attack and they defend themselves, but it is in the ring — the ring of intelligence. If the officials, in this case politicians, interfere in the case, that is wrong. That is very wrong."

    Now that it is in the political arena, the politicians have overreacted, he said. ....

    "I hope that both our leaders, SBY as well as Tony Abbott should not be too emotional... Please do not deteriorate [the relationship] because of a very small thing. This is a very technical thing." Yes another US ally screwed by a Snowden leak. Can we assume at this point that we'll be hearing nothing about China, Russia, or Iran? Remember how Snowden claimed that he was an expert about Chinese activities and taught classes on them? I wonder what happened to that material?
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  • (Score: 1) by SockPuppet on Monday February 17 2014, @06:21AM

    by SockPuppet (157) on Monday February 17 2014, @06:21AM (#449)

    Nice to see you too!

  • (Score: 1) by SGT CAPSLOCK on Monday February 17 2014, @06:30AM

    by SGT CAPSLOCK (118) on Monday February 17 2014, @06:30AM (#455) Journal

    Thanks for the effort!

    The "Submit Story" link does seem to be broken, so I don't think anyone should blame CF for posting a story here...

    For now, could you please try using the forums to submit stories until it gets fixed? The address is []