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posted by Dopefish on Monday February 17 2014, @02:06AM   Printer-friendly
from the allow-me-to-introduce-myself dept.
Dopefish writes

Greetings Soylentils! And welcome to SoylentNews!

We are here to deliver the best community-sourced news, catered for all manner of nerd! Because this is a grassroots based platform, the content feeds are powered by readers like you. Our main objective is to highlight news stories on the web that are of importance to everyone, but especially nerds. In addition, SoylentNews will strive to go beyond simple news-aggregation, with some core principles:
  • Providing a soapbox for experts to discuss their profession and solicit questions from a curious audience.
  • Allowing the community to comment, without any mandatory registration.
  • Staying mindful of the community's needs and wants while avoiding changes to satisfy an overarching corporate agenda.

We want to make this your source for news about technology, art, and science. We are the new kid on the block and are adapting quickly to satisfy our community's needs, as we look forward to exceeding your expectations and pushing boundaries like never before. Lastly, there will be no changes in format without a general consensus from the community. Thank you for stopping by and enjoy the ride!


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  • (Score: 1) by cx on Monday February 17 2014, @08:33AM

    by cx (239) on Monday February 17 2014, @08:33AM (#501)
    High five to all the people involved. I was pleasantly surprised not to be redirected to that dreadful wiki as I checked where you at this morning.

    On a tangential note, it's am[us|az]ing just how many people protesting bugginess/missing functionality of beta are willing to put up with bugginess/missing functionality of $here for the sake of moving away and/or starting afresh. Guess beta was a convenient excuse for something that was brewing much longer.

    Personally, I haven't even seen it; and I guess things that annoyed me on /. will annoy me here too. But that uplifting feeling of hope as something new unfolds is priceless. So bring it on!
  • (Score: 1) by ticho on Monday February 17 2014, @09:24AM

    by ticho (89) on Monday February 17 2014, @09:24AM (#524) Homepage Journal

    The biggest difference, at least for me, is that any complaints and/or bug reports aren't going to be lost in gray corporate indifference, but dealt with (accepted/fixed or rejected) by community. It feels like coming from Windows world to some nice FOSS project with small, but responsive dev team.

    Plus, you can always get involved with the fixing yourself!