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I'm seeing a lot of unwarranted (IMO) down-moderation lately, mostly on posts that express a minority opinion or that question a majority opinion (judging minority/majority based on discussion context). As a result, there are many posts ranked -1 or 0 that probably deserve higher scores.

I'd like to remind moderators that you're supposed to "Concentrate more on promoting than demoting". In the meantime, I'm going to spend all my mod points on posts that I think have been modded down unfairly. I encourage others to consider spending some mod points in this fashion as well.


Reply to: Metamoderation

    (Score: 1) by song-of-the-pogo on Thursday March 27 2014, @07:38PM

    by song-of-the-pogo (1315) on Thursday March 27 2014, @07:38PM (#22192) Homepage

    I generally try to focus on up-moderation, partially to avoid committing a knee-jerk down-moderation if I encounter a comment expressing a point of view with which I strongly disagree and partially to counter moderations I suspect may be unfair (again, even if the down-modded comment expresses a view contrary to my own). What good is a one-sided discussion, provided comments on either side are well thought out and not clearly intentionally trollish or inflammatory? But I've wondered whether or not metamoderation will need to be introduced. Would it prove corrective for unfair moderations, or would it simply add another layer of potential unfairness/abuse of privilege?

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