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posted by Fnord666 on Wednesday February 07 2018, @01:10AM   Printer-friendly
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France bans smartphone use in cars even when you pull over

Road deaths have been on the rise lately in France and with nothing much else to pin it on, authorities are going after scofflaw drivers who text or call. It's now illegal to hold your phone on public roads even when you're pulled over to the side of the road, whether you're blocking traffic or not, Le Figaro reports. The high court ruling means that taking what some consider to be a safe step -- pulling over to talk on the phone -- could still result in points and a fine of 135 euros.

Rather create a new law, the ruling has clarified exactly what it means to be "circulating in traffic." Now, it's not enough to pull over and cut the motor in order to use your phone; you have to be parked in a designated spot. When you've had an accident or breakdown, however, you are allowed to call or text.

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  • (Score: 5, Touché) by RedIsNotGreen on Wednesday February 07 2018, @01:49AM

    by RedIsNotGreen (2191) on Wednesday February 07 2018, @01:49AM (#634247) Homepage Journal

    Sorry, it only counts as circulating in traffic if you're also on the phone at the time.

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