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posted by Fnord666 on Sunday November 11 2018, @12:31PM   Printer-friendly
from the taxing-the-legend-of-zelda dept.

The Creative Commons, the international non-profit devoted to expanding the range of creative works available legally, summarizes how the EU's proposed link tax would still harm Creative Commons licensors. The proposed Copyright Directive legislation entered the final rounds of negotiation back in September, retaining the problematic articles that raised hackles earlier this year, notably articles 11, 12, and 13. The Creative Commons discusses the current stat of article 11, known informally as the link tax.

Article 11 is ill-suited to address the challenges in supporting quality journalism, and it will further decrease competition and innovation in news delivery. Spain and Germany have already experimented with similar versions of this rule, and neither resulted in increased revenues for publishers. Instead, it likely decreased the visibility (and by extension, revenues) of published content—exactly the opposite of what was intended. Just last week a coalition of small- and medium-sized publishers sent a letter to the trilogue negotiators outlining how they will be harmed if Article 11 is adopted.

Not only is a link tax bad for business, it would undermine the intention of authors who wish to share without additional strings attached, such as creators who want to share works under open licenses. This could be especially harmful to Creative Commons licensors if it means that remuneration must be granted notwithstanding the terms of the CC license. This interpretation is not far-flung. As IGEL wrote last week, [...]

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  • (Score: 1) by ZaqsNews on Sunday November 11 2018, @08:54PM (2 children)

    by ZaqsNews (7176) on Sunday November 11 2018, @08:54PM (#760708)

    Thanks for the links! I've been hesitant at sub-categories because sometimes there's not enough content to have ordered groups of similar stories, but maybe listing sub-category stories by time is good enough. So click 'Space' under Environment (or Science?), see a time-ranked list of all headlines from certain sites and others by keyword. Glad I posted here.

  • (Score: 2) by takyon on Monday November 12 2018, @01:53AM (1 child)

    by takyon (881) <> on Monday November 12 2018, @01:53AM (#760769) Journal

    I just meant under Environment on the sidebar, not as a subset of Environment. "Space" is a pretty large chunk of "Science" stories these days, to the point where it ought to get its own section. That also allows the combination of stories that are science related, like asteroids, telescopes, exoplanets, planetary science, SETI/exobiology, etc. as well as stories that are more business ("techonomics") related, such as rocket launches, satellite TV/Internet, asteroid mining, or even political stories such as 2018 election implications for space policy [] and news of the "Space Force" []. Since the sources in question are likely to report on both, filtering can be minimal in some cases (e.g. The Verge runs space and non-space stories but is all space, all the time).

    The recent Google News redesign added some subcategories or whatever you want to call them, and I initially thought they were dynamically generated. Now I realize that Google really wants us to check out Virtual Reality news on the Technology section. There are a couple of pretty good dedicated sites for that topic, such as UploadVR and RoadToVR.

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