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posted by Fnord666 on Wednesday October 02 2019, @12:38PM   Printer-friendly
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Submitted via IRC for Bytram

Top web browsers 2019: Microsoft's browser share falls to record low

According to data published today by analytics company Net Applications, Microsoft's browser share for September - composed of Internet Explorer (IE) and Edge - fell 1.8 percentage points to 12%, an all-time low. To put the decline in perspective, the browsers accounted for a user share of 12.4% at the first of this year and hit a high of 14% in April.

[...] Firefox added three-tenths of a percentage point to its user share in September, wrapping up the month at 8.7% and marking the second straight month of keeping things in the black. Even so, it was fourth consecutive month that Firefox remained under 9%, tying a record set in May, June, July and August 2016.

[...] Google's Chrome put another 1.3 percentage points on its frame, weighing in for the month at 68.5%, just a tenth of a point off the record high set in July.

Last month, Computerworld noted the odd pattern to Chrome's share, stretches when the browser would add share one month, lose much of it the next. That continued in September - this has been regular as the proverbial clockwork since February - when Chrome went on its growth spurt after shedding 1.4 points in August.

If the tick-tock continues this month, October should be a downer for Chrome.

But as Computerworld has said before, what counts is the long-term movement of a browser. There, Chrome has done well, adding 2.1 percentage points to its share over the last year. Another sign: The 68.5% of September was the second-highest mark for the browser, edged out only by July's 68.6%.

[...] Elsewhere in Net Applications' data, Apple's Safari grew by half a percentage point to 4.4% and Opera Software's browser stayed where it was at 1.4%. Safari's increase was the second straigh,t but was a due entirely to a nearly-two percentage point leap by macOS that put the operating system in unknown territory (and likely on shaky ground; macOS' 11.6% simply won't stand up).

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  • (Score: 2) by RS3 on Thursday October 03 2019, @04:03AM (4 children)

    by RS3 (6367) on Thursday October 03 2019, @04:03AM (#902158)

    BTW, your username is interesting. I still have a very fast 286 machine- I think it's 24 MHz.

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  • (Score: 1) by i286NiNJA on Thursday October 03 2019, @09:33PM (3 children)

    by i286NiNJA (2768) on Thursday October 03 2019, @09:33PM (#902441)

    Sadly I don't know what happened to my 286 but it was a 16mhz AMD

    • (Score: 2) by RS3 on Friday October 04 2019, @02:35AM (2 children)

      by RS3 (6367) on Friday October 04 2019, @02:35AM (#902528)

      Unsadly my 20 MHz 286 would love a new home. I forget what brand. "CompuAdd" comes to mind. Yeah, pretty sure it's a CompuAdd.

      Somewhere I have a hard disk with a 286 Unix (maybe Xenix?) that boots and works. Well, it used to.

      • (Score: 1) by i286NiNJA on Friday October 04 2019, @03:33PM

        by i286NiNJA (2768) on Friday October 04 2019, @03:33PM (#902653)

        Jesus fuck. Yeah mine was the compuadd 216 with 40mb hd and 1mb of ram. I can't remember the VGA card. Compuadd branded VGA monitor. I'd seen the same model whitelabeled to goldstar and other brands.
        I used it until the hard disk had tons of bad spots, marked them bad and then kept on using it. I eventually partitioned off all the bad spots manually and used xtradrive to compress the disk.
        It disappeared after I joined the navy. I didn't care about it when I left but after I got out I was sad to see that my parents made an effort to save it but they actually saved an old compuadd 386 that I bought from a used computer store.
        Between the two machines I'd ran minix, minix-VMD, linux, netware 2.?, DR-DOS, msdos 4.11, 6.0 and 6.1, windows 3.0, and windows 3.1 (on the 286).
        I also learned basic and assembly on that 286.

      • (Score: 1) by i286NiNJA on Friday October 04 2019, @04:31PM

        by i286NiNJA (2768) on Friday October 04 2019, @04:31PM (#902681)

        I would love to take your 286 but sadly I'm paying tech city dollar ft^2 prices.
          My current home setup is one gaming rig in a modded Mac Pro (i57600k and gtx1080 water cooled, 500gb ssd, 54gb optane that's not used yet, 16gb ram, 4tb data drive and 10tb backup drive) case. Sadly malfunctioning at the moment. Part of the reason I don't want to use it to backup the other machines anymore.

          a massive dual mobo case (the size of a smaller minicomputer, bigger than a towers like the later pdp11s, smaller than a rack) that I modded to additionally hold a nuc i7 (with optane sotrage for boot and NFS cache, primary application server)
        a udoox86 ultra(aux server, I will make this the storage backup with the 10tb disk that's in the gaming system) in addition to it's intend full size ATX ,athalon with RX480 and a pcie FPGA(just dabbling so far), "interactive app server" that I can activate with WoL.. I have some notion that I might be able to safely play pirated windows games in wine too but haven't tackled it yet
        a nano-itx celeron (8tb storage cached to 500gb ssd + an overkill 32gb of ram for extra cache, serves NFS and CIFS)
        I also have a banana pi r-2 running LEDE for a home router,
        a cisco sg-300-something switch.
          a secondary switch I never use but it's intended for 10gbe but it's a power hog too. I might sell it since it regularly sells 2 grand more than I paid for it.
        Then two HDHomerun network tv tuners that serve out two channels of mpeg2 streams each

        With the exception of the router, switch, and gaming PC and one tuner in the living room, it's all crammed into a small corner next to our dresser in the bedroom. Very low power, very quiet unless I boot up the ATX athalon board. Keeping it small and low power was tough, a fun challenge but really expensive. I also ended up testing a lot of hardware that wasn't good enough like rpis and rock64s.

        I also have a cheap VPS out there that monitors and launches AWS spot instances. (So fucking cheap I'm paying a fraction of what aws would normally cost). I had nextcloud and postfix working this way but am re-thinking that as well.

        I was running kubernetes on some of this mess but I've since removed it and have started rebuilding the servers with plain docker. Way too much maintenance overhead with kubernetes. Also it generated a buttload of network traffic and higher idle loads than I would have liked. The purpose specific way my nodes were set up didn't map well to k8s either, constantly fighting default behavior and losing the promised fault tolerance in the process (that I never really needed either)

        I have a NeXT slab with greyscale monitor in the basement of my mother's house. I told her if anyone seems interested they're welcome to it for free if 1) they remove the hard disk and give it to her 2) they promise never to throw it away even if it breaks they should give it to someone else who will keep it around.

        I simply don't have space for much more but it's fun to see how far we've come.