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posted by janrinok on Thursday October 03 2019, @04:23PM   Printer-friendly
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Urgent/11 Flaws Impact More RTOS Used by Medical, Industrial Devices

IoT security firm Armis has confirmed that the recently disclosed vulnerabilities tracked as Urgent/11 affect several real time operating systems (RTOS) other than VxWorks.

Armis revealed in late July that Wind River's VxWorks operating system, which is used by millions of devices, is affected by 11 vulnerabilities, including critical flaws that can be exploited to take control of devices.

Several major industrial and automation solutions providers whose products use VxWorks have issued advisories to inform users on the impact of the Urgent/11 vulnerabilities.

When it first disclosed its findings, Armis noted that the flaws exist in the VxWorks IPnet TCP/IP stack and warned that other RTOS may be affected as well considering that Interpeak licensed this IPnet stack to other vendors before it was acquired by Wind River in 2006.

Armis now says it has identified six other RTOS that use the problematic IPnet stack, including ZebOS by IP Infusion, ITRON by TRON Forum, OSE by ENEA, Nucleus RTOS by Mentor, Integrity by Green Hills, and ThreadX by Microsoft.

Many embedded systems rely on these RTOS, including many medical and industrial devices. Armis has been able to validate the impact of the flaws on BD Alaris infusion pumps running OSE, the HP Proliant management engine based on Nucleus, Canon printers that use ThreadX, Planex routers based on ZebOS, and ArrowSpan access points that run Integrity.

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    by Anonymous Coward on Thursday October 03 2019, @08:54PM (#902425)

    Um, what? ALL RTOS support TCP/IP. Not everything running in a RTOS has hard deadlines.

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