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posted by Fnord666 on Wednesday February 19 2020, @10:37AM   Printer-friendly
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Red Hat tips its Fedora at CoreOS Container Linux stans: Hop onto something else, folks, cos this one's on a boat to Valhalla:

Red Hat is set to fling a flaming arrow at Red Hat CoreOS Container Linux*, the software firm said as it laid out the details of the end of life timeline for the distro it acquired in January 2018.

[...] Users who want something similar outside the context of OpenShift are directed to Fedora CoreOS, the community version, which is "the official successor to CoreOS Container Linux," according to the end of life announcement. That said, Red Hat has admitted: "Fedora CoreOS cannot currently replace Container Linux for all use cases."

[...] The team said: "We've found that the incremental, exploratory, forward-looking development required for Fedora CoreOS — which is also a cornerstone of the Fedora Project as a whole — is difficult to reconcile with the iron-clad stability guarantee that ideally exists when automatically updating systems."

Red Hat noted there is a fork of CoreOS Container Linux called Flatcar Linux which may be more suitable for users who do not want to jump into OpenShift. Flatcar Linux is supported by a Berlin company called Kinvolk.

The end of life timeline for CoreOS Container Linux is aggressive, Red Hat said. May 26 is the last date for updates including security patches. From September 1st, "published resources related to CoreOS Container Linux will be deleted or made read-only. OS downloads will be removed, CoreUpdate servers will be shut down, and OS images will be removed from AWS, Azure, and Google Compute Engine. GitHub repositories, including the issue tracker, will become read-only." The reason for deleting OS images is to discourage continued use after end of support.

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