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posted by janrinok on Thursday November 20 2014, @09:25PM   Printer-friendly
from the or-at-least-not-be-bothered-either-way dept.

[Ed's Comment: Not wishing to ignite yet another flame war regarding the adoption of systemd, I hesitated before publishing this story. However, although it is not an formal survey, it might still reflect the views of the greater linux user community rather than those who frequent this particular site. There is no need to restate the arguments seen over the last few weeks - they are well known and understood - but the survey might have a point.] has recenlty conducted a survey finding many Linux users may be in favour of systemd:

First off lets keep one thing in mind, this was not a professional survey. As such the results need to be taken as nothing more than the opinions of the 4755 individuals who responded. While the survey responses show that 47% of the respondents are in favor of systemd, that does not mean that 47% of the overall linux community is in favor of systemd. The actual value may be higher or lower. This is simply a small capture of our overall community.

Although the author questions the results could this be an indication that we're really seeing a vocal minority who don't want systemd while the silent majority either do or simply don't care? Poll results and the original blog post.

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  • (Score: 1) by fritsd on Saturday November 22 2014, @11:57AM

    by fritsd (4586) on Saturday November 22 2014, @11:57AM (#118743) Journal

    "So, essentially you are saying that the GPs argument boils down to believing it is wrong for someone / some people who creates and maintains a project to integrate it with another project they also create and maintain, and even though they release it for free use under open source licence so no user is tied into any vendor / maintainer, that just isn't good enough, they should not be allowed to integrate projects because ( because what ? I am stumped, is it just "unless I say so" ?).

    I don't think I understand the anti arguments at all any more, because that is heading into srsly wtf territory.

    Um.. now I'm going to risk coming across as a frothing-at-the-mouth anti-systemd zealot, because of the way you phrased that, but essentially: yes.

    Where you said "they should not be allowed to integrate projects" that's of course impossible; they can write whatever code they like.
    So the words "should not be allowed" are far too strong. Instead I'd like to water that down to
    "It is bad design for them to purposefully integrate these unrelated projects".

    The reason I believe it is bad design is, that it makes the combination of projects more difficult to maintain, more complex to understand (because of the new cross-links), and it makes it more difficult to swap one of the component projects with a newer, better version that is not under the same umbrella. How am I going to use syslogd-ng or rsyslogd or [even better future syslogd], if everything under the systemd umbrella is rewritten to only log to libsystemd-journal0?

    An example: does your company ever need to print?
    cups depends on cups-daemon
    cups-daemon depends on libsystemd0 (apparently all those libs are now joined together into libsystemd0 (since version 215); I hadn't noticed that.

    cups-daemon also recommends on colord (recommends are often installed automatically)
    colord depends on libsystemd0
    colord depnds on libpolkit-gobject-1-0
    libpolkit-gobject-1-0 depends on libsystemd0

    cups-daemon also recommends (not depends) avahi-daemon
    avahi-daemon depends on dbus
    dbus depends on libsystemd0, do you know why? because it used to depend on libsystemd-journal0, do you know why? Because nifty binary logging, that's why.

    I can tell you from my own experience that it's already not trivial to *not* install systemd.