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posted by CoolHand on Thursday May 14 2015, @12:16AM   Printer-friendly
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Ars reports on the most recent blogger death in Bangladesh:

Assailants with cleavers and machetes on Tuesday killed another blogger in Bangladesh, the third blogger in that country murdered in as many months, the Committee to Protect Journalists said. Another blogger killed in Bangladesh earlier this year used Facebook as his medium, the committee said.

The committee said that Ananta Bijoy Das, who wrote about science and railed against religious fundamentalism, was killed Tuesday by four masked men in the northeastern city of Sylhet in broad daylight.

The death of Das brings to at least 20 the number of writers murdered globally this year, according to CPJ statistics. Bangladesh is ranked 13th globally with at least 16 killed since 1992.

An American blogger (of Bangladeshi origin) was an earlier victim this year.

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