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posted by cmn32480 on Thursday September 03 2015, @01:46AM   Printer-friendly
from the how-can-you-not-trust-the-NSA dept.

El Reg is reporting:

The NSA today revealed it has uploaded source code to GitHub to help IT admins lock down their networks of Linux machines.

The open-source software is called the System Integrity Management Platform (SIMP). It is designed to make sure networks comply with US Department of Defense security standards, but the spy agency says it can be adapted by admins to meet individual security needs as well.

"The open-source software method of transferring technology from the federal laboratory to the marketplace is extremely efficient," said Linda Burger, director of the NSA Technology Transfer Program.

"The open-source community can leverage the work that NSA has produced, and the government can benefit from that community's expertise and perspective. It's a win for everyone – and for the nation itself."

So, not only do they want your secrets, they want you to help them get them. Yes, it's open-source software and the source code can be examined, but the NSA skeptic in me thinks this sounds very dodgy.

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  • (Score: 2) by mtrycz on Thursday September 03 2015, @08:38AM

    by mtrycz (60) on Thursday September 03 2015, @08:38AM (#231632)

    Useless is.

    They're short on workforce, tho. Why don't you help?

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  • (Score: 2, Informative) by Deeo Kain on Thursday September 03 2015, @03:33PM

    by Deeo Kain (5848) on Thursday September 03 2015, @03:33PM (#231797)

    Useless is dead: []
    «uselessd has entered the final stage of uselessness, its ultimate expression of nihilism - the state of deprecation and utter nonexistence. That's right, goyim shkutzim. uselessd is dead.

    The last release was uselessd-8 on November 16, 2014. An effort to revamp the IPC system away from D-Bus into using a byte stream-based fifodir protocol was staged for uselessd-9, but a growing lack of interest and realization that trying to mangle the systemd architecture into something more minimal was becoming increasingly fruitless and unwieldy lead to the project being orphaned. It was transferred to Tarnyko in January 2015, but no activity of any sort has been seen since then. For all practical purposes, it's over.»