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posted by martyb on Sunday September 02 2018, @09:09AM   Printer-friendly
from the In-just-over-three-months-it-would-be...-Mars-Ho-Ho-Ho! dept.

Want to read some books? Many of our users have shown interest in having a book club. Now it's finally time to kick it off.

Your soytyrant has pre-selected the first three books so that you have more time to read them, should you choose to do so:

September: Mars, Ho! by Stephen McGrew
October: Foundation by Isaac Asimov
November: The Three-Body Problem by Liu Cixin.

The plan is to read a book, and discuss it on the 1st of the following month. Suggestions for new books (of any genres, not just "science fiction") will also be collected at the same time. You can start listing some of your suggestions right now in this comment section. We'll pick up to eight of them and run a poll on September 15th to decide the book for December. And so on.

The first book is Mars, Ho! by Stephen McGrew, one of our more literary users (not to be confused with Mars Ho! by Jennifer Willis). The book is available for free on McGrew's website, although there are some purchasing options available if you want to support him. From the description:

Captain John Knolls thinks he's just been given the best assignment of his career -- ferrying two hundred prostitutes to Mars. He doesn't know that they're all addicted to a drug that causes them to commit extreme, deadly violence when they are experiencing withdrawal or that he'll face more pirates than anyone had ever seen before. Or that he'd fall in love. A humorous science fiction space novel, a horror story, a love story, a pirate story, a tale of corporate bureaucracy and incompetence.

All book club posts will be in the Community Reviews nexus, which is linked to on the site's sidebar. You'll likely want to click on that link once the posts fall off the main page.

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  • (Score: 2) by VLM on Sunday September 02 2018, @03:29PM (1 child)

    by VLM (445) Subscriber Badge on Sunday September 02 2018, @03:29PM (#729545)

    For now.

    Just saying, in "the old days" you'd shop at a brick and mortar and the cover was 100% of your field of vision of the experience of browsing for a book, so it kinda mattered. Of course I spent a lot of time reading favorite authors, Frankowski, Asimov, Ringo, whatevs so in ye olde brick and mortar days of yore I would burn a couple gallons of gas then stand around browse alphabetically to Sterling, Bruce and then look at the titles to see what I don't have yet or whats new, and there could have been a dog turd on the cover of "the difference engine" and I'd still have bought it; Maybe that would be filed under G for Gibson, whatevs.

    Now that I buy all books (and ebooks) online, the cover art is like 5% of the amazon web page area so it doesn't really matter. McGrew's name and title have more surface area on the Amazon web page than his pix of Mars. I got that book when mcgrew released it; had to look up the pix, pix are just done. I remember his last name for online searches not his cover photo.

    For decades Oreilly has been putting interesting animals on each book cover, which is cool marketing, but I dont think any filthy casual normie has ever walked down the aisle, said "holy cow I luv grasshoppers" and next thing you know we have a freshly hatched DNS admin, although the idea is kinda funny.

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  • (Score: 0) by Anonymous Coward on Sunday September 16 2018, @12:34PM

    by Anonymous Coward on Sunday September 16 2018, @12:34PM (#735631)

    I skipped the Wheel of Time series due to the covers.