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Mainpage 07/05 04:24  Why bullshit is no laughing matter   aristarchus
Mainpage 07/05 11:26  Merge: FatPhil (07/05 11:26 GMT)  FatPhil
Mainpage 07/05 21:32  Deceptive "Cox Browser Alert" Security Notifications 
Mainpage 07/06 08:48  Mother secretly records son's kindergarten teacher, accuses her of bullying him!  realDonaldTrump
Mainpage 07/06 10:40  The wealthy are plotting to leave us behind  Anonymous Coward
Mainpage 07/06 10:54  "Large Heart and a Loud Voice": Pro-Labor Radio and TV News Host Ed Schultz Dead at 64  -- OriginalOwner_
Politics 07/06 13:25  Bill Shine, former Fox News executive, named deputy White House chief of staff  realDonaldTrump
Politics 07/06 16:39  We're in trade wars with China & Russia!  realDonaldTrump
Mainpage 07/06 23:03  3 Vloggers Die Hiking!  realDonaldTrump
Mainpage 07/09 04:32  DoJ Drops All Charges Against All 38 Remaining J20 Protesters  -- OriginalOwner_
Mainpage 07/10 12:22  Apple releases iOS 11.4.1 with USB Restricted Mode | Ars Technica  MrPlow
Mainpage 07/10 12:24  Marvel Comics legend, Spider-Man co-creator Steve Ditko found dead at 90 | Ars Technica  MrPlow
Politics 07/11 12:40  Ask Soylent: any reason NOT to ditch NATO?  realDonaldTrump
Mainpage 07/12 01:06  “This is bonkers”: FCC wants to stop reviewing most complaints about ISPs | Ars Technica  MrPlow
Politics 07/12 07:58  The British Political Crisis Deepens  aristarchus
Mainpage 07/13 05:15  New Procedure Threatens Existing Blood Banks  Anonymous Cow Herd
Mainpage 07/13 18:36  Russia will launch ‘alternative internet’ only in worst-case scenario  mrpg

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Mainpage 07/16 01:05 Using "Dark Patterns" to Inhibit Exercising the Right to Privacy canopic jug