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posted by martyb on Friday January 11 2019, @10:36PM   Printer-friendly
from the what-would-YOU-do? dept.

Got a contingency plan for men with guns showing up at your cubicle and ordering you to re-route traffic to please the government?

Section 606 of the 1934 Communications Act provides for government takeover of wired and radio communication in the event of war or "other national emergency".

I'm not saying anything will happen in the next few days. Trump's state of emergency might be just talk. It might be limited to its stated purpose. It's rare for actual disasters to happen.

You've got a disaster recovery plan (DRP), though. If it's not in the next few days, a "national emergency" problem might show up sometime down the road. Does your DRP cover it?

It's hard to imagine a technical solution. This may require the company lawyer to prepare a [Layer 8] contingency plan in advance.

Original Submission

posted by martyb on Friday January 11 2019, @08:59PM   Printer-friendly
from the money-money-money dept.

"CLOUD COMPUTING: IBM acquiring Red Hat for $34 billion........Red Hat has held a steady leadership in cloud computing and open source Linux OS for many years. It is present in most financial and governmental institutions......

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: GSK bought a $300 million stake in 23andMe...........Why fall ill and shorten your lifespan if you can prevent an upcoming disease by opening your genetic coffins to a pharmaceutical giant like GSK?..................

INTERNET OF THINGS: Qualcomm’s bid to purchase NXP Semiconductors for $44 billion............Qualcomm positions itself as a chip producer for the upcoming Internet of Things (IoT)......"

Hopefully, they meant Coffers. I think they meant Coffers. But, who knows? Who really knows!

Original Submission

posted by martyb on Friday January 11 2019, @07:22PM   Printer-friendly
from the Start-your-conspiracy-theories-now dept.

A dilapidated warehouse in Malmi is being used by the US Embassy for unknown operations after a Wikileaks release revealed its location.

The anonymous looking building on Takoraudantie is notable only for the new 427 meter perimeter fence that according to the Wikileaks' database was ordered by the US Embassy in April 2018.

Situated across the street from the main entrance of Malmi Airport, the warehouse with its 3 meter high security fence appears an unlikely location for official embassy business. Neighbouring companies include a car yard and a tyre warehouse.

Helsinki Times visited the perimeters this weekend. Security personnel, young Finns in uniforms with American flags on their arms, appeared nervous and suspicious when asked to comment on the warehouse and refused to even confirm the order of the new fence structure which now surrounds the compound. At one point a security guard appeared in a second floor window to carefully monitor this reporter's movements along Takoraudantie.


The database displaying US embassy procurements around the world shows that tons of cargo are being distributed to Helsinki and other US embassies via regular airfreight cargo deliveries from Baghdad.

Twelve consignments, each logged at 5000 kilograms are recorded as sent to Helsinki and 23 other West European US embassies – an average of 2500 kilograms per US embassy.

The reason for such a vast volume of embassy deliveries from Baghdad is as yet unknown but this latest disclosure follows Wikileaks news that the US Consulate in Frankfurt was a purchase and postal centre for distributing spy equipment to other US embassies worldwide. Concerns are now raised that the US Embassy in Baghdad is also being used as a main distribution centre for secret operations.

Original Submission

posted by martyb on Friday January 11 2019, @05:45PM   Printer-friendly
from the Pond,-James-Pond-jr-dept dept.

Have you ever wanted to listen to conversations out of hearing range? Do you work in an open plan office and want to know if the tea roomers are gossiping about you. If so, Apple has your back with its AirPods and a clever hack for eavesdropping. Apple included a feature called Live Listen which can be used to extend your hearing beyond normal range. The Apple watch can [be] used similarly. It does have the drawback the your phone is used as the microphone, but that's a small price to pay for information.

Original Submission

posted by martyb on Friday January 11 2019, @04:08PM   Printer-friendly
from the triskaidekaphobia? dept.

MEP [Member of European Parliament] Julia Reda provides an update on the EU Copyright Directive which is in the final drafting stages. The whole text will be finalized January 21st but the infamous Article 13 is already set and Internet platforms will be made directly liable for any copyright infringements their users commit, should the final text be voted in.

What remains in the drafting stage in regards to Article 13 is to decide exactly which lengths will platforms need to go to and just how much they will need to restrict our ability to post and share content online in order to avoid or limit their liability.

Original Submission

posted by martyb on Friday January 11 2019, @02:31PM   Printer-friendly
from the take-my-money dept.

Planet Computers demoed the Cosmo Communicator, a clamshell PDA [Personal Digital Assistant] which can run Android/Linux or GNU/Linux, at CES. It is expected to be on the market by June 2019. The device has a miniature keyboard, essential for a PDA, and many additional features including the ability to operate as a dual-SIM phone. It also features dual displays: a 2-inch AMOLED which is visible when the device is closed and a larger (5.99-inch, 2160×1080) LCD touchscreen LCD panel visible when the device is opened to access the keyboard.

171.4 x 79.3 x 16mm, 320g
Android 9 Pie; Linux OS dual boot (user choice)
MediaTek P70 Octa-core SoC @ 2 GHz
RAM and storage:
6 GB of RAM with 128GB of storage; microSD card slot
External Display:
2-inch (570×240) AMOLED
5.99-inch (2160×1080) LCD
Wifi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth 4.2, NFC
2 USB Type-C ports, 3.5mm headphone jack
External camera:
24 MP
Internal camera:
5 MP
Dual nano-SIM, eSIM support, fingerprint gestures

Original Submission

posted by martyb on Friday January 11 2019, @12:54PM   Printer-friendly
from the deep-seated-insecurities-and-paranoia dept.

From TFA (the friendly article) at

We discovered three vulnerabilities in systemd-journald (

- CVE-2018-16864 and CVE-2018-16865, two memory corruptions     (attacker-controlled alloca()s);

- CVE-2018-16866, an information leak (an out-of-bounds read).

CVE-2018-16864 was introduced in April 2013 (systemd v203) and became exploitable in February 2016 (systemd v230). We developed a proof of concept for CVE-2018-16864 that gains eip control on i386.

CVE-2018-16865 was introduced in December 2011 (systemd v38) and became exploitable in April 2013 (systemd v201). CVE-2018-16866 was introduced in June 2015 (systemd v221) and was inadvertently fixed in August 2018.

We developed an exploit for CVE-2018-16865 and CVE-2018-16866 that obtains a local root shell in 10 minutes on i386 and 70 minutes on amd64, on average. We will publish our exploit in the near future.

To the best of our knowledge, all systemd-based Linux distributions are vulnerable, but SUSE Linux Enterprise 15, openSUSE Leap 15.0, and Fedora 28 and 29 are not exploitable because their user space is compiled with GCC's -fstack-clash-protection.

This confirms "It should be clear that kernel-only attempts to solve [the Stack Clash] will necessarily always be incomplete, as the real issue lies in the lack of stack probing."

The article goes on with more detailed information on exploits.

<sarcasm>It's a good thing that systemd does not affect very many systems and no systems running anything important.</sarcasm>

Original Submission

posted by martyb on Friday January 11 2019, @11:17AM   Printer-friendly
from the daze-of-future-passed dept.

Many Soylentils may think that futurology in video format is pointless. However, a small cadre of futurologists have enthusiastically assembled predictions as clips and/or slideshows; often with futuristic music. My introduction to this minor artform was HayenMill's predictions about the 2010s, 2020s and 2030s. deanmullen10 has been making predictions in this format for seven years. The early ones are low-resolution crud but the 7th iteration has a particularly funky music mix and covers decades from the 2010s to the 2090s then more sparsely to the 24th century, and one further set of distant predictions.

The 8th iteration of predictions is due to be uploaded on Fri 11 Jan 2019. I'm looking forward to this because I find the format inspiring and uplifting. The demoscene, house style music is also quite good when programming. The 6th edition's predictions for the 2050s has a representative selection of the music although many find that to be sonic noise.

Other scenarios from deanmullen10 include the sudden collapse of a large Silicon Valley company due to loss of goodwill, alien invasion, and some amusingly inaccurate predictions in the same format (with some suitably retro-futuristic music), extrapolated from the 1980s. In the 1980s, the BBC was a comedy goldmine for inaccurate predictions; mostly through broadcasts about technology. This included waiters using touch screens. Further back, car navigation using a tachometer and an audio cassette, the bedside teletype, and the cashless society. Although, a particular favorite is cutting trees with lasers. It also featured 3D audio. (Whatever happened to that?)

In the season of New Year's Resolutions, it is the season to look back at looking forward. The four day working week has been predicted since at least the 1930s and legal cannabis cultivation throughout the US has been predicted since at least the 1960s. However, self-driving cars, flying cars, home robots, and fusion power remain Real Soon Now.

Original Submission

posted by mrpg on Friday January 11 2019, @09:40AM   Printer-friendly
from the I-have-two-thumbs dept.

Western Digital Demonstrates 4TB USB-C Thumb Drive Prototype at CES 2019

At CES 2019, Western Digital is demonstrating a prototype of a 4TB thumb drive with a Type-C interface. To be more precise, the form factor is that of a thumb drive, but the Type-C connector currently hangs off a wire. Given that it is a prototype, and has little chance of hitting the market at reasonable price points in the imminent future, this is expected. The main intent is to showcase the technological prowess of SanDisk's flash solutions. As expected, the prototype carries the SanDisk branding.

Based on the form factor, we believe that the product is using the 1.33Tb QLC 96L NAND that started sampling in Q3 2018.

The article supposes that reads/writes could be in the 20-200 MB/s range. 4 TB at 200 MB/s is 5h33m20s.

Original Submission

posted by martyb on Friday January 11 2019, @08:08AM   Printer-friendly
from the Copies-Everything-Including-Cheating dept.

The US Justice Department (DOJ) on Thursday announced a $305 million civil settlement between Fiat Chrysler and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in a lawsuit over illegal software found on certain diesel Dodge Ram models and diesel Jeep Grand Cherokee models.

[...] The settlement comes two years after the EPA accused Fiat Chrysler of installing undisclosed and illegal software on 104,000 vehicles, including 3.0L diesel Dodge Ram 1500 trucks and diesel Jeep Grand Cherokees between model years 2014 and 2016. The EPA claimed the software would sense when the vehicle was being tested under laboratory conditions and implement the full emissions control system so that the car could pass the EPA's emissions tests.

I guess the Volkswagen cheating was considered a feature by the Chrysler engineers, and they were just copying what the customers demanded?

Original Submission

posted by chromas on Friday January 11 2019, @06:31AM   Printer-friendly
from the SpaceX's-upgoer-1-of-2019 dept.

SpaceX Set for its First Launch of 2019 on Friday:

Fresh off a successful flight campaign in 2018, which included a record 21 missions, SpaceX returns to the launchpad Friday for its first mission of the new year. The instantaneous launch window opens at 10:31am ET (15:31 UTC).[*]

This will be SpaceX's eighth and final launch to build out a constellation of 75 modern communications satellites for Iridium. For this mission, SpaceX will be launching 10 of the Iridium NEXT satellites to a low Earth polar orbit.

The first stage for this mission previously flew in September, launching the Telstar 18 Vantage mission into geostationary transfer orbit. It made an on-target ocean landing in relatively high seas during the midst of the Atlantic hurricane season. This time, the rocket will attempt to land on the droneship Just Read the Instructions stationed in the Pacific Ocean.

[...] Should inclement weather (a 60 percent chance of favorable conditions) or a technical issue preclude a launch attempt, SpaceX has a back-up window available on Saturday morning at 15:25 UTC.

Live stream of launch on YouTube starts approximately 15 minutes before launch.

[*] Local time would be 7:31am PST -- just after sunrise at the Vandenberg Air Force Base launch site.

Original Submission

posted by chromas on Friday January 11 2019, @05:00AM   Printer-friendly
from the boys-have-a-Wheatley,-girls-have-a-Cortana dept.

Submitted via IRC for AndyTheAbsurd

Using VR, students can learn about the cells in the human body while “travelling” into the bloodstream, or “explore” the degree of plastic pollution in the oceans. They can also conduct complicated experiments using expensive lab-equipment and dangerous chemicals, just by putting on a pair of VR-goggles that immediately offers very realistic and lively experiences.

[...] But the rapid growth of VR-technology in teaching is a new and relatively un-tested field, and at the University of Copenhagen Associate Professor in Psychology Guido Makransky investigates how, why, and in what settings VR-learning provides an advantage over traditional methods and media, so society´s investments in VR-technology can be used in the most beneficial way.

[...] In a study with 66 7th and 8th -grade students (half boys, half girls) at a Danish science talent school, Makransky and colleagues found that the girls learned most in the VR-simulations, when the VR-teacher there was a young, female researcher named Marie, whereas the boys learned more, while being instructed by a flying robot in the form of a drone.

Not mentioned in the article: What other "teacher" figures were tested. Did they try male teachers? Anthropomorphic rabbits? Disembodied voices?


A Gender Matching Effect in Learning with Pedagogical Agents in an Immersive Virtual Reality Science Simulation DOI: 10.1111/jcal.12335


Original Submission

posted by martyb on Friday January 11 2019, @03:29AM   Printer-friendly
from the FKA-video-lan-client dept.

VLC is adding AirPlay support and will reach 3 billion downloads

VLC, the open-source video player app, is announcing two major milestones from CES today. The development team, Videolan — along with Jean-Baptiste Kempf, one of the lead developers — told Variety at CES that it'll be adding AirPlay support, allowing users to transmit videos from their iPhone (or Android) to their Apple TV.

The update could be released for the primary VLC app in "about a month," for free. However, VLC tells The Verge there's no specific release date yet.

[...] The second major milestone for VLC is that it’s closing in on 3 billion user downloads.

Here is the bug tracker for the 4.0.0 release.

Related: EU Offers Cash Bounties to Improve the Security of VLC Media Player
VLC 3.0.0 Released, With Better Hardware Decoding and Support for HDR, 360-Degree Video, Chromecast
VideoLAN Blacklists Huawei Phones on Google Play

Original Submission

posted by martyb on Friday January 11 2019, @01:52AM   Printer-friendly
from the bigger-and-stronger-hurricanes dept.

Scientists say the world’s oceans are warming far more quickly than previously thought, a finding with dire implications for climate change because almost all the excess heat absorbed by the planet ends up stored in their waters.

A new analysis, published Thursday in the journal Science, found that the oceans are heating up 40 percent faster on average than a United Nations panel estimated five years ago. The researchers also concluded that ocean temperatures have broken records for several straight years.

Original Submission

posted by takyon on Friday January 11 2019, @12:15AM   Printer-friendly
from the trubble dept.

Hubble has a problem. NASA says that one of the cameras on the almost 30-year-old space telescope – the Wide Field Camera 3 – is no longer operational because of a hardware problem.

"WFC3 is the major imaging instrument on HST [Hubble Space Telescope]. It is, frankly, the best view of the heavens that humanity has," Simon Porter, an astrophysicist at the Southwest Research Institute in Colorado, wrote on Twitter. "But apparently some bloody fence is more important."

Although the Hubble Space Telescope has been observing the sky since 1990, the WFC3 was added just 10 years ago during a service mission. Over the last decade it has captured spectacular images, including a high-resolution version of the iconic 'Pillars of Creation' – a gas cloud inside the Eagle Nebula that was first imaged by Hubble back in 1995.

Original Submission