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posted by requerdanos on Tuesday December 19, @08:00PM   Printer-friendly
from the let's-meet dept.

Meeting Announcement: The next meeting of the SoylentNews governance committee is scheduled for Wednesday, December 20th, 2023 at 21:00 UTC (4pm Eastern) in #governance on SoylentNews IRC. Logs of the meeting will be available afterwards for review, and minutes will be published when complete.

Minutes and agenda, and other governance committee information are to be found on the SoylentNews Wiki at:

The community, welcome to observe and participate, is encouraged to attend the meeting.

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  • (Score: 2) by quietus on Wednesday December 20, @09:27AM (2 children)

    by quietus (6328) on Wednesday December 20, @09:27AM (#1337179) Journal

    That wiki page was last updated on September 29; since then there are no minutes nor agenda updates added. (All minutes are to be found on this, requerdanos' page []).

    So what is the agenda for today's meeting?

    • (Score: 4, Insightful) by requerdanos on Wednesday December 20, @02:22PM (1 child)

      by requerdanos (5997) Subscriber Badge on Wednesday December 20, @02:22PM (#1337199) Journal

      Yes, I guess I am busted on not updating the wiki. I have had trouble logging in and staying logged in long enough to post updates to it, so I have been hoping someone else would do it. No one has, yet.

      As for today's agenda, the meeting chair is responsible for it, but my personal guess would be that it would be some form of the generic "Previous minutes; Agenda; Reports for the committee; Old Business; New Business; Set next meeting; Adjourn." I don't know of specific agenda items other than the committee needs to work towards fulfilling its purpose of exploring the creation of a corporate vessel for receiving SoylentNews.

      We live in interesting times.

      • (Score: 2) by quietus on Wednesday December 20, @02:36PM

        by quietus (6328) on Wednesday December 20, @02:36PM (#1337201) Journal

        You've done your bit, and done it well: thanks.

        Maybe the meeting chair can weigh in?

  • (Score: 2) by quietus on Friday December 22, @01:24PM

    by quietus (6328) on Friday December 22, @01:24PM (#1337439) Journal

    Sorry to bother, but did that meeting-without-agenda even take place? Where are we now, in terms of the whole legal setup?