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posted by on Friday August 25 2017, @11:26PM   Printer-friendly
from the we're-really-big-time-now dept.

Welcome, new trolls! We're pleased as punch to have you aboard, unfortunately as you may have noticed our moderators are unable to give you the moderations you've been working so hard for. Since we can't really do much about people not moderating more, we're going to be giving out more points so that the ones that do can give you the attention you so desperately crave.

Moderators: Starting a little after midnight UTC tonight, everyone will be getting ten points a day instead of five. The threshold for a mod-bomb, however, is going to remain at five. This change is not so you can pursue an agenda against registered users more effectively but so we can collectively handle the rather large uptick in anonymous trolling recently while still being able to have points remaining for upmodding quality comments. This is not an invitation to go wild downmodding; it's helping you to be able to stick to the "concentrate more on upmodding than downmodding" bit of the guidelines.

Also, this is not a heavily thought-out or permanent change. It is a quick, dirty adjustment that will be reviewed, tweaked, and likely changed before year's end. Questions? Comments?

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  • (Score: 3, Touché) by Justin Case on Saturday August 26 2017, @03:42PM (1 child)

    by Justin Case (4239) on Saturday August 26 2017, @03:42PM (#559469) Journal

    your posts appear in a monospace font and that it's very annoying

    I gave you a disagree because some people prefer monospace.

    What is needed is some kind of software that lets the person viewing something adjust it to their preferences instead of giving control to the author to force things the viewer doesn't want.

    Oh, wait, that already exists. It's called a browser.

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  • (Score: 4, Touché) by tfried on Saturday August 26 2017, @08:37PM

    by tfried (5534) on Saturday August 26 2017, @08:37PM (#559578)

    Umm, yeah. And I want my browser to show all posts alike, unless they are actually marked up different for a reason. I don't want everything in monospaced, I don't want everything in variable spaced. I expect the author not to lie about the nature of their post (are Arik's posts code?), so my browser an I can make a reasonable choice on the appearance.