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posted by on Sunday February 23 2020, @03:20PM   Printer-friendly
from the anything-not-illegal-is-compulsory dept.

Bleh. Apparently not caring what you do on other sites or even requiring any personal information isn't good enough for the state of Confusion^WCalifornia, so we have a shiny, new, temporary Privacy Policy posted on every page and linked at the top of the nav bar.

If you feel like prettying the language, layout, or whatever up before I get around to it, feel free to do so and submit a pull request.

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  • (Score: 2) by SomeGuy on Sunday February 23 2020, @04:49PM

    by SomeGuy (5632) on Sunday February 23 2020, @04:49PM (#961449)

    "What if you lie in your privacy policy?"
    Have you ever seen a common privacy policy that was not clearly 100% pure grade-A bull fucking shit? It is fairly well accepted that polices may read "we protect your privacy! Reeeallly!" while they turn around and quietly sell that data to the highest bidder.

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