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posted by on Sunday February 23 2020, @03:20PM   Printer-friendly
from the anything-not-illegal-is-compulsory dept.

Bleh. Apparently not caring what you do on other sites or even requiring any personal information isn't good enough for the state of Confusion^WCalifornia, so we have a shiny, new, temporary Privacy Policy posted on every page and linked at the top of the nav bar.

If you feel like prettying the language, layout, or whatever up before I get around to it, feel free to do so and submit a pull request.

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  • (Score: 4, Interesting) by shortscreen on Sunday February 23 2020, @08:09PM (1 child)

    by shortscreen (2252) on Sunday February 23 2020, @08:09PM (#961531) Journal

    I have a website with nothing but static html. I don't collect anything. The hosting provider collects stats like OS/browser/referrer/location. I know that because I can see a monthly tally if I log into their site. I don't know if they collect anything else or if it counts as personal information. Will the hosting provider or any other middle men need to have their own privacy policy? Displayed on my page?

    I'm a little curious about how this is going to play out. Although I don't really give a crap. If I get hassled about it I'll just take the site down.

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  • (Score: 3, Interesting) by DavePolaschek on Monday February 24 2020, @01:58PM

    by DavePolaschek (6129) on Monday February 24 2020, @01:58PM (#961821) Homepage Journal

    I had a static website. It’s down. Didn’t get hassled, but my ISP emailed suggesting that hassles were coming. "OK. You just lost that $30/month that I’ve been paying for five years because I was too lazy to shut it down."