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posted by martyb on Wednesday June 30 2021, @11:09PM   Printer-friendly
from the We're-thiiiiiiiis-close! dept.

[2021-07-01 01:33:11 UTC; UPDATE 4]:

It came down to the wire, but at we ended up $0.44 shy of our $3,500.00 goal for the first half of the year.

Great job everybody!

[2021-06-30 23:05:04 UTC; UPDATE 3]
We are SO CLOSE!
We are currently at 99.1% ($3,470.73) of our goal! We need just about $30!

I've opened up the "Stretch Goal" field in the "Site News" slashbox in preparation.

We have less than an hour to go... Let's do this!

[2021-06-30 18:40:09 UTC; UPDATE 2]:
Since the last update we received SIX $20 subscriptions.
We are currently at 96.5% ($3,377.75) of our goal and need only $122.25 to reach it!

Books close at 23:59:59 UTC tonight... we can do it!

[2021-06-30 14:12:37 UTC; UPDATE 1]:
WOW! Since this story was posted, we have received TWO $100 subscriptions!
We are now at 93.2% ($3263.63) of our goal; only $236.37 to go!

Today (June 30, 2021) is the last day of the first half of 2021!

Fundraising Status:
First off, a great big THANK YOU to everyone who has started a new subscription or renewed their subscription this year!

As of this writing, we have received approximately $3,028.57 since 2021-01-01 towards our goal of $3,500.00 for the first half of the year!

We need only $471.43 to meet our goal!
We are so close! Please help us.

How to Subscribe:

Load the Subscription page and then:

select a recipient (defaults to your own logged-in account),
select a duration,
enter an amount (the values provided are suggested minimums; feel free to override with a larger amount)
click the [Continue] button which will open a new page.

NOTE: All payment processing is handled external to SoylentNews! You'll need to enable PayPal or Stripe for processing to work!

Then just click on button for the payment processor and payment type you want.

Last step is simple; a new form is displayed by the selected payment processor, enter the requested card information, and follow their instructions. That's it!

Recent Subscriptions:
In just the past month we've received these gross subscription amounts:


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  • (Score: 5, Insightful) by Runaway1956 on Wednesday June 30 2021, @04:28PM (5 children)

    by Runaway1956 (2926) Subscriber Badge on Wednesday June 30 2021, @04:28PM (#1151385) Journal

    That is entirely out of line. 'Zumi doesn't attack anyone more than she attacks me - but you don't see me demanding that she be kicked, banned, or whatever. The woman is looney tunes, yeah, but so are others. Stop acting stupid, please. Free speech is free speech, even for those we disagree with. You know that, or should know that.

    Better that you call for Aristarchus' many puppets to be brought under control.

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  • (Score: -1, Troll) by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday June 30 2021, @05:11PM (3 children)

    by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday June 30 2021, @05:11PM (#1151411)

    Yeah, yeah... we all know about you and the seekrit krush you have for Azuma - like how you learned in grade school that the little girl who would punch you was really an admirer.

    ...And how you only post racissss rants to see if she is still out there noticing you and caring about you and the drivel you author.

    I am starting to think that the doom-sayers pronouncing that SN has degenerated past salvageability might be on to something.

    • (Score: 5, Funny) by Tork on Wednesday June 30 2021, @05:30PM (1 child)

      by Tork (3914) Subscriber Badge on Wednesday June 30 2021, @05:30PM (#1151420)
      Thanks for making me mod up Runaway. sigh.
      🏳️‍🌈 Proud Ally 🏳️‍🌈
      • (Score: 5, Insightful) by coolgopher on Thursday July 01 2021, @03:31AM

        by coolgopher (1157) on Thursday July 01 2021, @03:31AM (#1151657)

        See this is what I like about this little corner of the net - for the most part people do the right thing, even if it's not their preferred thing.

        Though the quality of the trolls has deteriorated significantly I have to say. Ah well, can't have it all.

    • (Score: -1, Flamebait) by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday June 30 2021, @07:34PM

      by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday June 30 2021, @07:34PM (#1151469)

      It seems like it got a little better upon TMB leaving, probably soured the fun for a lot of the trolls. We still have EF or JMH shitposting their racist globalist rants, and we have Runaway keeping us updated on the RWNJ Fox News fear campaigns. Maybe he is trying to fill the void left from hemo rage quitting? Oh right can't leave out khallow who is still pushing the pro-oil pro-capitalism drivel while ignoring any references to reality. Even so it seems like discussions have mellowed out a tiny bit.

  • (Score: 2) by Reziac on Thursday July 01 2021, @04:08AM

    by Reziac (2489) on Thursday July 01 2021, @04:08AM (#1151666) Homepage

    They may be lunatics, but they're =our= lunatics, and the place wouldn't be the same without them.

    And as you say about free speech. Even of those calling for the silencing of others.

    And there is no Alkibiades to come back and save us from ourselves.