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posted by NCommander on Monday October 09 2017, @12:04PM   Printer-friendly
from the always-something-new dept.

We've discovered over the weekend that was failing to resolve with some DNSSEC enabled resolvers. After debugging and manually checking our setup, the problem appears to be occurring due to an issue with the Linode DNS servers when accessed over IPv6. As such, some users may experience slow waiting times due to these DNS issues. I have filed a ticket with Linode about this, and will keep you guys up to date.

73 de NCommander

posted by martyb on Saturday October 07 2017, @12:20PM   Printer-friendly
from the moving-right-along dept.

Nearly two months ago, we received notice from Linode (which hosts the servers for SoylentNews) that they would be migrating our servers to a new data center in Dallas, TX. Our systems would gradually be scheduled for migration. We could either accept their scheduled date/time or trigger a manual migration. In theory, this should be a no-worry activity as we have redundancy on almost all of our servers and processes. But in practice, that is not always the case. Rather than take our chances, we were proactive and manually performed migrations as they became possible.

We had a couple hiccups with one server, but with NCommander, TMB, PJ on hand (among others), we were able to get that one straightened out with only limited impact to the site. We also lost access to our IRC server for about 20 minutes when that server was migrated.

So, with that backdrop, I'm pleased to announce that we completed the migration of our last Linode (hydrogen) to the new data center in Dallas this morning! Shoutout to TheMightyBuzzard for tweaking our load balancer to facilitate the migration, and for being on hand had things gone sideways.

Original Submission

posted by martyb on Friday September 29 2017, @04:12AM   Printer-friendly
from the moving-right-along dept.

As part of Linode's migration of servers to a new Data Center in Dallas, two of our servers were scheduled for migration at 10pm EDT on September 29, 2017. NCommander happened to be around when I sent out a reminder I'd received from Linode, so he 'hit the button' at 9:30pm tonight (Sept. 28) and did a manual migration ahead of time.

Unless you were on our IRC server (Internet Relay Chat) at the time, you probably didn't even notice... and even then, it was unavailable for only about 15-20 minutes. Redundancy for the win!

That leaves us with a single server, sodium, to migrate. It is currently scheduled for migration on Tuesday, October 3, 2017 at 10:00pm EDT. Since sodium is one of two front-end proxies for us (the other is magnesium which has already been migrated), I expect we'll be able to perform that migration without any site interruption.

Separately, and in parallel, we are slowly moving our servers from Ubuntu 14.04 LTS to Gentoo.

To the community, thank you for your patience as we work our way through this process. And, for those of you who may have been with us from the outset, and when up-time was measured in hours, please join me in congratulating the team for their dedication and hard work which has facilitated such an uneventful migration!

Original Submission

posted by NCommander on Tuesday September 12 2017, @11:56PM   Printer-friendly
from the the-joy-of-VPSes dept.

Just a quick heads up to the SN community. As we previously announced, Linode is migrating customers to a new data center. We already did the first stage of migration with most of the production servers two weeks ago. Now we're working our way through the remainder of the servers. As of this writing, we've migrated both webservers, both DB servers, our development server, and the fallback load balancer.

Tonight at approximately midnight EDT, we're going to migrate beryllium, which hosts our IRC server, wiki, and mail server, and boron, which is our redundant KDC/internal DNS server. During this process, IRC and email from SoylentNews will be unavailable. The site itself will stay up during this process.

After this migration, we'll only have our primary load balancer to migrate, which we will likely do over the weekend. Thank you all for your understanding.

~ NCommander