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Title    Outstanding Issues
Date    Monday March 06 2017, @10:59PM
Author    The Mighty Buzzard
from the post-bills-here dept.

Okay, we've all had our weekends and I at least am ready to jump back onto the coding horse. Refresh my memory of what we still have that's either properly broken or is otherwise behaving in an entirely unsatisfactory manner. I think Flat-mode links to individual comments are still broken. I know we need to replace the "noupdate" behavior with explicit "update" behavior. I'm thinking I can get the colors on "*NEW*" comments' subject bars brightened up so that you can ditch dimming and still have easy visual feedback if you like fairly quickly. I'm considering (nearly (can't do "N replies below Threshold)) precisely replicating Nested and adapting the old javascript to it if you care to run it. But what am I forgetting?

Discussion to a minimum here, please, so it doesn't distract from having an all-in-one-place list of things from this release that still need addressed.

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