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Title    SoylentNews Linode Migrations Completed
Date    Saturday October 07 2017, @12:20PM
Author    martyb
from the moving-right-along dept.

martyb writes:

Nearly two months ago, we received notice from Linode (which hosts the servers for SoylentNews) that they would be migrating our servers to a new data center in Dallas, TX. Our systems would gradually be scheduled for migration. We could either accept their scheduled date/time or trigger a manual migration. In theory, this should be a no-worry activity as we have redundancy on almost all of our servers and processes. But in practice, that is not always the case. Rather than take our chances, we were proactive and manually performed migrations as they became possible.

We had a couple hiccups with one server, but with NCommander, TMB, PJ on hand (among others), we were able to get that one straightened out with only limited impact to the site. We also lost access to our IRC server for about 20 minutes when that server was migrated.

So, with that backdrop, I'm pleased to announce that we completed the migration of our last Linode (hydrogen) to the new data center in Dallas this morning! Shoutout to TheMightyBuzzard for tweaking our load balancer to facilitate the migration, and for being on hand had things gone sideways.

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