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Title    End Of Maintenance Period - Day 1
Date    Sunday November 13 2022, @04:44AM
Author    NCommander
from the that-was-a-lot-of-work dept.

Alright, I've literally been at it for seven hours. Here's what done, here's what needs to done, and if you find something broken, let me know.

Here's what's going to happen sometime tonight or tomorrow

There's likely a lot of things still broken. if you find something broken, leave it in the comments. I'll get to it in the next day. At least we're not on 8 year old software anymore. Current plan after taking care of the above, going to find a good host (probably Fastmail) for editor emails, I do have the backups of everyone inbox should they want it. This has been, very much an exercise in pain. If you want to support me directly: Patreon for recurring, or Ko-fi for one time.

I'll be back in a few hours to work on this more. We raised another $560 USD for charity, and I hope folks had a great time. The next parts I need to just do, so the next stream will likely involve dealing with getting rehash to run in Docker.

~ NCommander

Update - 2022/11/12: DNS resolved, and at least site outbound email should work now

Update - 2022/11/13: Site outbound email is actually working now


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