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Title    Upcoming SoylentNews PBC Meeting
Date    Tuesday July 25 2023, @07:31PM
from the dept.

I wanted to post a reminder to the community that the SoylentNews PBC has it’s upcoming meeting at the end of July on the 31st ( #meeting on @ 1:30 PDT - web access via ). I believe that this event is the continuation and result of a very hard push by myself and others to bring about necessary changes to the management and structure of SoylentNews.

The upcoming meeting will be to nominate one or more qualified candidates to serve on the Board. The PBC exists to define what and how SoylentNews will be and to enforce that vision. Ultimately the Board is responsible for the high-level oversight that ensures the bylaws are fulfilled. The purpose of the expansion is to include more voices from the community so they will be directly represented in the decision making effecting the community. The next meeting will be held over IRC and will be answering and addressing your questions and concerns from any of the comments posted in this article.

I highly encourage anyone who wants to participate and improve SoylentNews now and in the future to seriously consider pursuing involvement in the PBC as an officer, board member, or committee leader/member. At the very least get in touch with someone who is in such a position and offer them your suggestions.

I believe it is very important for the PBC and Community to discuss and begin to draft items for consideration by the PBC which will formalize the process and delegation of the community involvement and decision-making process. In my mind this takes the form of setting up a community governance committee which I volunteer to chair. This community should be tasked with exploring and proposing the very changes necessary to empower community involvement again.

As I am a member of the PBC I always am acutely aware that ultimately the PBC is beholden to the community of which we serve. To that end rather than I or PBC dictate solutions to the numerous problems we face let’s find a way that we can do so together.


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