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Title    Notes for the Community from the July 31, 2023 SoylentNews PBC Meeting
Date    Tuesday August 01 2023, @02:15AM
Author    requerdanos
from the public-benefit-corporation dept.

This is a summary report from the SoylentNews PBC meeting of Monday, July 31, 2023. An IRC log of the full text of the meeting (from channel #meeting) is available, as well as a log of the related discussion (IRC log of #meeting-discuss channel).

[Ed. note: the # sign gives problems so here they are in plain text, feel free to left click and open in a new window]


The Meeting

The significant events of the meeting were as follows:

After the meeting there was a Q&A time, and some steps were taken towards the formation of the governance committee.

The Q&A

The governance committee

As of this writing, the governance committee consists of kolie, audioguy, mechanicjay, requerdanos, Deucalion, and Fnord666, with possible other new members added from among staff/editors within the next few days.

Of the committee, kolie says "The committee is to self govern and determine its own fate. I want a call to those who haven't accepted yet to answer - and to those interested to come around. [For] the community to participate in #governance and to work with myself as the chair or committee members to include their input and set up whatever's coming next."

The business of the governance committee will happen in the #governance channel on SoylentNews IRC and in their expected upcoming meta and/or journal posts.


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