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Mainpage 09/24 21:35  People Who Distrust Fellow Humans Show Greater Trust in Artificial Intelligence  hubie
Mainpage 09/26 13:37  Neal Stephenson’s Lamina1 Drops White Paper on Building the Open Metaverse  upstart
Mainpage 09/26 13:41  Netflix’s Adaptation of 'the Three-Body Problem' Will Arrive in 2023  upstart
Mainpage 09/26 13:46  Amazon's Updated E-book Return Policy Looks Like a Big Win for Authors  upstart
Mainpage 09/26 13:48  Hitting the Books: How Southeast Asia's Largest Bank Uses AI to Fight Financial Fraud  upstart
Mainpage 09/26 15:13  TikTok Faces $29M Fine in UK for 'Failing to Protect Children's Privacy'  upstart
Mainpage 09/26 15:14  Interpol Issues Red Notice for Terra Founder Do Kwon  upstart
Mainpage 09/26 15:46  Twitter Set to Depose Elon Musk This Week, Ahead of Their October 17 Trial- Technology News, Firstpo  upstart
Breakingnews 09/27 14:32  Optus Hack in Australia Exposes Medicare Information  Anonymous Coward
Mainpage 09/27 18:26  The Real Reason Why the Linux Logo is a Penguin - SlashGear  upstart
Mainpage 09/27 18:28  There are Real Threats to Free Speech Everywhere. Cancel Culture is Far Down the List  upstart
Mainpage 09/27 18:30  Oracle Pays $23 Million to the SEC to Settle Bribery Charges  upstart
Mainpage 09/27 18:41  Meta Took Down Alleged Chinese and Russian ‘Influence Operations’ Focused on U.S. Politics and War i  upstart
Mainpage 09/28 15:12  Space Station Swaps Command Today Before Three Russian Cosmonauts Depart  upstart
Mainpage 09/29 07:32  National Ignition Facility's Laser-fusion Milestone Ignites Debate – Physics World  upstart
Mainpage 09/29 18:06  Open Internet at Stake in UN ITU Secretary-general Election  upstart
Mainpage 09/30 19:27  Can Smartphones Help Predict Suicide?  Anonymous Coward
Mainpage 10/02 11:03  This Apple-1 Computer is the Most Expensive in the World - SlashGear  upstart
Mainpage 10/02 11:04  Defense Department Latest to be Caught Hoovering Up Internet Data Via Private Contractors  upstart
Mainpage 10/02 11:07  China is Betting Big on Another Gas Engine Alternative: Methanol Cars  upstart
Mainpage 10/02 11:20  BlackCat Malware Lashes Out at US Defense IT Contractor  upstart
Mainpage 10/02 15:48  New Theory Concludes That the Origin of Life on Earth-Like Planets is Likely  hubie
Mainpage 10/02 17:13  AI-driven Video Analytics, How It’s Transforming Video Surveillance - AllTech Magazine  upstart
Mainpage 10/02 21:23  Russia's Millionaires Dying in 'Epidemic of Murder' to Fund Vladimir Putin's War in Ukraine, Says Ca  upstart
Mainpage 10/03 13:02  Smartphones Promise Satisfaction and Meaning, Deliver Only More Searching  hubie
Mainpage 10/03 16:23 | SEC Charges Kim Kardashian for Unlawfully Touting Crypto Security  upstart

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Mainpage 10/04 13:06 Redundancy Woes from Those who Were Not Fired upstart
Mainpage 10/04 09:53 The Strange Behavior of Sound Through Solids hubie
Mainpage 10/04 07:09 Games Are Starting to Require Cell Phones to Play SomeGuy
Mainpage 10/04 06:24 Our Ancestors Ate a Paleo Diet. It Had Carbs upstart
Mainpage 10/04 03:43 Las Vegas and NTT Deploy Largest Private 5G Network in US upstart
Mainpage 10/04 00:57 NASA Sets New Artemis I Launch Window, Says Hurricane Ian Didn't Harm Flight Hardware upstart
Mainpage 10/03 22:13 China Spins Up Giant Battery Built With US-Patented Tech upstart