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Mainpage 01/22 16:45  The Biggest US Surveillance Program You Didn’t Know About  upstart
Mainpage 01/24 13:45  Netflix’s New Chapter  upstart
Mainpage 01/24 14:58  Can Science Finally Create a Decent Cup of Decaf?  upstart
Mainpage 01/24 18:24  Rocket Lab Set to Try its First US-based Launch Again  upstart
Mainpage 01/24 18:50  Just a Moment...  upstart
Mainpage 01/25 04:08  Appliance Makers Sad That 50% of Customers Won't Connect Smart Appliances  hubie
Mainpage 01/25 14:33  Pluralistic: Daily Links From Cory Doctorow  upstart
Mainpage 01/25 14:35  As Egg Prices Soar, the Deadliest Bird Flu Outbreak in US History Drags on  upstart
Mainpage 01/25 14:37  SpaceX Completes Fueling Test, Will Now Work Toward Massive Engine Firing Test  upstart
Mainpage 01/25 14:40  Powering Offshore Wind Farms With Numerical Modeling of Subsea Cables  upstart
Mainpage 01/25 14:41  Portable Life-Support Device Provides Critical Care in Conflict and Disaster Zones  upstart
Mainpage 01/25 14:43  Mathematicians Find an Infinity of Possible Black Hole Shapes  upstart
Mainpage 01/25 18:46  Asteroid-Mining Startup Plans First Private Mission to Deep Space  upstart
Mainpage 01/25 18:47  Large Study Finds Link Between Viral Infections and Future Brain Illness  upstart
Mainpage 01/25 18:50  Data Breaches Hit Lots More People in 2022  upstart
Mainpage 01/25 18:58  YouTube Accused of Using Return-to-office Policies to Thwart Union Organizers  upstart
Mainpage 01/25 18:59  Microsoft Announces $52.7 Billion in Q2 Revenue Amid Plans to Layoff 10,000 Workers  upstart
Mainpage 01/25 19:05  Data Breach May Have Leaked Classified Law Enforcement Operations Information to Criminals  upstart
Mainpage 01/25 19:08  Space Dust Reveals Earth-killer Asteroids Hard to Destroy  upstart
Mainpage 01/26 17:54  Reverse-engineering the Intel 8086 processor's HALT circuits   owl
Mainpage 01/26 20:41  MSG probed over use of facial recognition to eject lawyers from show venues  Freeman
Mainpage 01/27 16:12  A US State Asked for Evidence to Ban TikTok. the FBI Offered None  upstart
Mainpage 01/27 21:33  Beware of Zeitgeist.  hendrikboom
Mainpage 01/28 11:31  #GermanyRIP. Kremlin-loyal Hacktivists Wage DDoSes to Retaliate for Tank Aid  upstart
Mainpage 01/28 11:32  Prenda Law Lawyer Loses Attempt to File More Piracy Lawsuits From Prison  upstart
Mainpage 01/28 11:37  Forecasting the Ice Loss of Greenland’s Glaciers With Viscoelastic Modeling  upstart
Mainpage 01/28 11:38  AI Lawyer Has a Sad: Bans People From Testing its Lawyering After Being Mocked  upstart
Mainpage 01/28 13:01  Wizards of the Coast Changes Course, Gamers Win  upstart
Mainpage 01/28 13:06  Scientists Say ‘Rubble Pile’ Asteroids are Surprisingly Hard to Kill  upstart
Mainpage 01/28 13:10  NASA Webb Telescope Zooms in on One of Solar System's Oddest Objects  upstart
Mainpage 01/28 13:11  Intel Suffers Double-digit Revenue Decline in Q4 2022  upstart
Mainpage 01/28 13:12  On Data Privacy Day, Organizations Fail Data Privacy Expectations  upstart
Mainpage 01/28 13:23  Mercedes is the First Certified Level-3-autonomy Car Company in the US  upstart
Mainpage 01/28 13:24  Google Agrees to Provide Clearer Information on its Services to EU Users  upstart
Mainpage 01/28 13:27  Mysterious Marks on Ice Age Cave Art May Have Been Ancient Records  upstart
Mainpage 01/28 13:28  European Deep-tech Start-ups Raised $17.7bn in 2022, Report Claims  upstart
Mainpage 01/28 13:33  FBI Brings Down Massive Ransomware Gang by "Hacking the Hackers"  upstart
Mainpage 01/28 13:35  Alleged ShinyHunters Gang Member in US Court  upstart

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Mainpage 01/29 19:34 Researchers Release PoC Exploit for Windows CryptoAPI Bug Discovered by NSA Fnord666
Mainpage 01/29 14:48 3D Printing Reaches New Heights With Two-Story Home fliptop
Mainpage 01/29 10:05 Antibiotic Resistance Induced by the Widespread Use of Antidepressants? Freeman
Mainpage 01/29 05:21 GM Hiring Tech Talent Laid Off By Silicon Valley Companies fliptop