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Mainpage 05/27 04:20  The Simpsons’ Clip About a “Cat Flu” Was Incredibly Prophetic  Anonymous Coward
Mainpage 05/27 12:17  Herding Wild Buffalo And Cattle From Space  Arthur T Knackerbrac
Mainpage 05/27 22:11  New Research: Perchlorate in Drinking Water is More Dangerous Than Previously Understood  upstart
Mainpage 05/28 00:28  Appeals court rejects claims that Facebook, Twitter suppress conservative views  aristarchus
Mainpage 05/28 01:16  New Material Releases Hydrogen From Water at Near-perfect Efficiency  upstart
Mainpage 05/28 01:24  Over 40% of Republicans Wrongly Believe Bill Gates Will Use COVID-19 Vaccines to Implant Microchips   upstart
Mainpage 05/28 01:30  Wuhan Swabs 9 Million People, Tests 6.5 Million for COVID-19 in 10 Days  upstart
Mainpage 05/28 02:02  the Universe Had a 'Missing Matter' Problem. Now It's Been Solved  upstart
Mainpage 05/28 02:04  New Linguistic Findings on the Prevalence of 'LOL'  upstart
Mainpage 05/28 02:05  Human Skin is an Important Source of Ammonia Emissions  upstart
Mainpage 05/28 12:16  Corona not so contagious after all  bart
Mainpage 05/28 12:50  Mass Extinction Event Caused by Erosion of the Ozone Layer  upstart
Mainpage 05/28 12:54  Scientists Test Best Fabric Choices for Making a Homemade COVID Mask  upstart
Mainpage 05/28 13:41  “Silent” COVID-19 Infection May be Far More Common Than Thought – High Rate of False Negative Test R  upstart
Mainpage 05/28 13:49  Physicists Build Hybrid Quantum System by Entangling Molecule With Atom – Could Enable Large-Scale Q  upstart
Mainpage 05/28 14:32  Student Clears Up "Massive" Black Hole Confusion  upstart
Mainpage 05/28 14:57  Anti-5G USB Stick  turgid
Mainpage 05/28 18:12  After Silence, Trump Marks 100,000 US Coronavirus Deaths in Tweet  upstart
Mainpage 05/29 02:37  Access Denied  upstart
Mainpage 05/29 06:59  Police Station Burned in Minneapolis Riot  Anonymous Coward
Mainpage 05/29 23:06  The real purpose of Trump’s executive order is intimidating social media companies  aristarchus
Mainpage 05/30 01:25  Panic mode engaged - the enemy is China  c0lo
Mainpage 05/30 07:57  Astronomers Predict Bombardment From Asteroids And Comets In Other Planetary System  Arthur T Knackerbrac
Mainpage 05/30 08:05  New Research Reveals Cannabis And Frankincense At The Judahite Shrine Of Biblical Arad  Arthur T Knackerbrac
Mainpage 05/30 19:00  Yes, Your Dog Wants to Rescue You  upstart
Mainpage 05/31 16:21  How the pandemic unfolded  quietus
Politics 06/01 00:01  'As Incoherent as It Is Dangerous': Trump Threatens to Designate Antifa—Which Isn't an Actual Group—  aristarchus
Mainpage 06/01 03:56  aristarchus
Mainpage 06/01 10:39  When elections matter more than leadership  c0lo
Mainpage 06/01 17:30  Astronomers Find Cosmic Golden Needle Buried for Two Decades  upstart
Mainpage 06/01 17:49  How to Make the Food and Water Mars-bound Astronauts Will Need for Their Mission  upstart
Mainpage 06/01 22:34  Sony postpones PlayStation 5 event due to US protests 
Mainpage 06/01 23:04  Initial trial of antibody medicine treat covid-19 
Mainpage 06/02 12:02  Lawsuit Over Online Book Lending Could Bankrupt Internet Archive  upstart
Mainpage 06/02 12:40  Firefox 77.0 Released! Here is what is new and changed.  Anonymous Coward
Mainpage 06/02 13:24  Civil Rights Leaders Slam Zuckerberg Over Response to Trump Posts, Says Report  upstart
Mainpage 06/02 13:26  Protests Delay PlayStation and Call of Duty Events  upstart
Mainpage 06/02 13:59  Zuckerberg Accused of Setting Dangerous Precedent  upstart
Mainpage 06/02 14:01  Twitter Suspends Hundreds Over #DCBlackout Hoax  upstart

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Mainpage 06/02 19:19 A Non-Destructive Method of Analysing Molecules in Cells Arthur T Knackerbracket
Mainpage 06/02 17:11 Orbital Use Fees Proposed as the Most Effective Way to Solve the Space Junk Problem upstart