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posted by martyb on Tuesday November 13 2018, @11:03PM   Printer-friendly
from the reality,-virtually dept.

Ex-Facebook exec ousted from company sparked controversy with pro-Trump views: report

A former top executive at Facebook who was ousted from the company may have been fired over his support for Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The Journal reported Sunday that Palmer Luckey has recently told people that he was fired for supporting Trump before that year's presidential election. Luckey's donation in September 2016 to NimbleAmerica, a group that funded ads attacking Hillary Clinton, reportedly sparked backlash within Facebook.

Six months after making that donation, Luckey was no longer at the company. The Journal noted that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified in front of Congress this year that Luckey's departure had nothing to do with his political beliefs.

According to the Journal, Luckey was first put on leave and later fired. In the fall of 2016, Zuckerberg pressured Luckey to voice support publicly for Gary Johnson, the libertarian nominee in that year's election, the Journal reported, citing internal emails and sources familiar with the conversations.

"Zuckerberg lied to Congress" could become a bipartisan statement.

Palmer Luckey.

Also at NBC.

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  • (Score: 0, Troll) by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday November 14 2018, @12:53AM (6 children)

    by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday November 14 2018, @12:53AM (#761535)

    I was going to explain the coup but if you are talking about Trump and still think it has something to do with "republicans" its a waste of time. Some names Peter Strozk, James Comey, James Clapper, Hillary Clinton, Nellie Ohr, Bruce Ohr, Joseph Mifsud, Christopher Steele (and all his "russian sources"), Stefan Halper.

    I would start with the OIG report and then go on to read the various indictments. Here is part of the same crew trying to avoid investigating Hillary Clinton:

    The case agent told the OIG that no one had contacted him about the laptop
    and, as the case agent, “the only person who has the authority to release that
    laptop’s image is me.” The case agent explained his growing concern by stating:

    The crickets I was hearing was really making me uncomfortable
    because something was going to come crashing down.... And my
    understanding, which is uninformed because...I didn’t work the Hillary
    Clinton matter. My understanding at the time was I am telling you
    people I have private Hillary Clinton emails, number one, and
    BlackBerry messages, number two. I’m telling you that we have
    potentially 10 times the volume that Director Comey said we had on
    the record. Why isn’t anybody here? Like, if I’m the supervisor of any
    CI squad in Seattle and I hear about this, I’m getting on with
    headquarters and saying, hey, some agent working child porn here
    may have [Hillary Clinton] emails. Get your ass on the phone, call
    [the case agent], and get a copy of that drive, because that’s how you
    should be. And that nobody reached out to me within, like, that night,
    I still to this day I don’t understand what the hell went wrong.

    The case agent told us that he scheduled a meeting on October 19 with the
    two SDNY AUSAs assigned to the Weiner investigation because he felt like he had
    nowhere else to turn. He described AUSA 1, the lead prosecutor, as a friend. He
    added, “I felt like if I went there and [AUSA 1] got the attention of Preet Bharara,
    maybe they’d kick some of these lazy FBI folks in the butt and get them moving.”
    The case agent stated that he told the AUSAs in detail about the emails he had
    seen between Clinton and Abedin. He continued:

    And I told her, I’m a little scared here. I don’t know what to do
    because I’m not political. Like I don’t care who wins this election, but
    this is going to make us look really, really horrible. And it could ruin
    this case, too. And...I said the thing that also bothers me is that
    Comey’s testimony is inaccurate. And as a big admirer of the guy, and
    I think he’s a straight shooter, I wanted to, I felt like he needed to
    know, like, we got this. And I didn’t know if he did.

    The AUSAs both told us that the case agent appeared to be very stressed and
    worried that somehow he would be blamed in the end if no action was taken. AUSA
    1 stated that the case agent worried that the information relating to the Clinton
    emails had not been provided to the right people and AUSA 2 observed that the
    case agent “was getting, for lack of a better word, paranoid that, like, somebody
    was not acting appropriately, somebody was trying to bury this.” []

    Don't bother trying to continue the conversation with any fake news wild speculations. Only reliable sources (direct quotes from people and gov documents). Also, Trump has acted pretty much as expected besides not seeming to drain the swamp quick enough, so I don't see what people who voted for him would be upset about.

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  • (Score: 0) by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday November 14 2018, @12:56AM

    by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday November 14 2018, @12:56AM (#761536)

    Crap, forgot Andrew McCabe and his redacted $75k table. Someone should be in court for that as well.

  • (Score: 2, Touché) by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday November 14 2018, @02:24AM (4 children)

    by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday November 14 2018, @02:24AM (#761553)

    Sky is green, roses are blue, trump is an idiot and so are you!

    For all the claims of Trump Derangement Syndrome around here the HDS has been going strong for years even after "winning". Is your copy of COINTELPRO you stole from the CIA outdated? Whataboutism is out of style and only still works on the cultists who joined Trump in crazy land.

    Even if your accusations have merit they have zero to do with Trump at this point. Don't think people have reason to be mad at Trump? You're a total idiot, like epic.

    What is the proper slang in Russian for epic?

    • (Score: 0) by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday November 14 2018, @02:28AM (3 children)

      by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday November 14 2018, @02:28AM (#761555)

      Too bad I guess. Maybe a non-rabid (there must be a better term for the opposite of rabid...) person will come across the info and find it useful.

      • (Score: 2, Informative) by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday November 14 2018, @04:11AM (2 children)

        by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday November 14 2018, @04:11AM (#761590)

        Your reply simply reeks of whataboutism and distraction from the point.

        I guess you're right, the most insecure people in the world believe all the lies told to them and revere Trump because he is an obnoxious self-important asshole. They believe the lies so why should they be angry? The insecure desire that which they lack and revere Trump despite his beyond flagrantly immoral nature. He is an asshole to the people they don't like so they don't care about anything else and forget to really check the truth. He dropped a phat one on some poor city, he acts like an asshole to allies and sucks up like a fat pig to countries very hostile to the US. He is THEIR asshole. Even when he stabs them in the back they will die a happy death knowing they died for the cause.

        "We demand you let us discriminate against 'the gays', control other people's bodies and women's in particular, and ignore all the atrocities of prejudice."

        I doubt you're intentions are pure, but if so then your citation is off-topic and should be filed under "Case 1,832,922 of the corrupt officials investigations."

        I have no problem with you trying to root out corruption, but given the thread's start it seems more likely you're only trying to pivot the discussion. May I assume you are the same AC I'm replying to? If so then "No one who voted for Trump regrets anything except that he doesn't seem to have done anything about the rampant corruption of his supposed opponents" is the most batshit crazy statement trying to shift the blame immediately despite overwhelming evidence... I mean... just wow shill. Just wow.

        I guess it helps if your readers are psychologically vulnerable when certain topics are brought up.

        • (Score: 0) by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday November 14 2018, @04:33AM (1 child)

          by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday November 14 2018, @04:33AM (#761601)

          Sorry, forgot to sign the above post:

          • (Score: 2) by aristarchus on Wednesday November 14 2018, @05:15AM

            by aristarchus (2645) on Wednesday November 14 2018, @05:15AM (#761608) Journal

            Sorry, forgot to sign the above post:

            Nope, wasn't me! And, oh, if you are going to deal in fake news and false attribution, you should learn to spell correctly. Proper names, at least.

            Signed, Anofibulous Cowinkle