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posted by mrpg on Friday May 28, @11:26AM   Printer-friendly
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Ohio lawmakers want to abolish vaccine requirements:

[...] Lawmakers are working on legislation to call off the lottery immediately. They're also trying to head off any plans for "vaccine passports." And last month, they introduced a sweeping antivaccination bill that would essentially demolish public health and vaccination requirements in the state—and not just requirements for COVID-19 vaccines, requirements for any vaccine.

[...] State Rep. Beth Liston (D-Dublin) blasted the bill, telling The Columbus Dispatch, "Not only would it prevent schools, businesses and communities from putting safety measures in pace related to COVID, it will impact the health of our children... This bill applies to all vaccines—polio, measles, meningitis, etc. If it becomes law we will see worsening measles outbreaks, meningitis in the dorms, and children once again suffering from polio."

[...] "At its core, this proposal would destroy our current public health framework that prevents outbreaks of potentially lethal diseases, threatens the stability of our economy as it recovers from a devastating pandemic and jeopardizes the way we live, learn, work and celebrate life," the letter said.

[...] "HB 248 would put all Ohioans at risk while increasing the cost of health care for families, individuals and businesses," spokesperson Dan Williamson said. "This proposal applies to all immunizations, including childhood vaccines. If passed, this legislation could reverse decades of immunity from life-threatening, but vaccine-preventable diseases such as measles, mumps, hepatitis, meningitis and tuberculosis."

Also: Ohio GOP lawmakers, citing 'need to protect' from vaccines, seek to expand exemptions, nix COVID passports

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  • (Score: 5, Insightful) by edIII on Friday May 28, @11:42PM (2 children)

    by edIII (791) Subscriber Badge on Friday May 28, @11:42PM (#1139883)

    None of that has anything to do with vaccines and safety. Medicine is not political. Vaccines are not political. Face masks are not political. They're about FUCKING SURVIVAL.

    Reduce America down to a single town of a few thousand people. Introduce a deadly biological pathogen. 500 years ago we would be burning some people at the stake out of ignorance having made it religious. That God was punishing us for some reason. There would be fervent and unanswered prayers about why it was happening. Evil sociopaths would use it as a tool to consolidate or take power.

    Look at today. We're blessed with advanced science and medical. There is no ignorance. We even have pictures of the pathogen and sophisticated understanding of its workings. Within 12 months we've developed an effective treatment.

    If you're refusing to get the vaccine, you're a danger to society. Period. Those few dozen or hundred people in the town will be expelled by the rest because they're a danger. You've seen plenty of movies, and read plenty of books I'm sure, that outline how that shit plays out. Those that argue and refuse to take the steps necessary get their brains eaten by the zombies after being shoved outside. Or shoved out an airlock, or shoved off the boat. Those that did weren't being unreasonable, it was those that were being shoved out that were the unreasonable parties.

    It's a fucking face mask and injection. To stop a deadly pathogen. It's about survival period, and if you're not cooperating, your're objectively a danger to yourself and those around you. Then it's completely reasonable to take action against you. There is nothing political about it. There is no reasonable discussion of freedoms and rights, when those freedom and rights are directly, objectively, and profoundly endangering the rest of the people in the town. Nobody agrees to that social contract, that you get fundamental rights to put the rest of us at serious risk. If you want those rights so bad, then leave our society.

    The only reasonable question you can raise is if the vaccine causes you harm, and the only reasonable doubt you can have is if the purveyors of the vaccine are operating in a correct fashion. Those both have answers. Universal Health Care and the Death Penalty.

    If the vaccine causes you harm, you will be taken care of medically regardless. There shouldn't be any harm because those responsible for the creation and manufacturing are monitored and strictly regulated. If they do anything, especially in the name of Capitalism and Profits, that knowingly causes harm and death to thousands or worse.... well then that is prison time and penalties up to and including death.

    I'm tired of hearing this bullshit about leftism, the extreme far right, and civil rights. This is about surviving a profoundly deadly biological war waged upon us by nature. Science and reason is asking for so very little. Not your firstborn, not prima nocta, not indentured servitude. Just a fucking mask, some soap and water, and taking a vaccine that can finally bring us back to some normalcy. Assuming we ever had it.

    It is not totalitarianism to ask you to not be a danger to society if you want to be in it.

    Technically, lunchtime is at any moment. It's just a wave function.
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  • (Score: 0) by Anonymous Coward on Saturday May 29, @02:04PM (1 child)

    by Anonymous Coward on Saturday May 29, @02:04PM (#1140025)

    In times past, they wouldn't have even noticed less than 1% of people dying slightly faster than expected. Note the median age of death for COVID is 83 []. They'd have seen folks catching cold, some passing, and moved on with their lives.

    As an aside, this is also why the fear mongering about Africa ended up being completely absurd. COVID was supposed to wreak a trail of death and destruction through Africa unless they all got vaccinated, locked down, etc.. They ended up neither vaccinated nor locked down (with some exceptions like South Africa). And the result? Basically nothing. The median age in countries throughout Africa tends to be *extremely* low, and as COVID has next to no effect on the young, their resultant deaths from COVID have been non-existent.

    You probably won't realize this for many years to come, but you're the sort of person that would have been cheering on the burning of witches in one era, or hunting of heretics in another. You know, dangers to society.

    • (Score: 1) by khallow on Tuesday June 01, @12:36AM

      by khallow (3766) Subscriber Badge on Tuesday June 01, @12:36AM (#1140613) Journal

      In times past, they wouldn't have even noticed less than 1% of people dying slightly faster than expected.

      We have better knowledge and technology than they had. We notice what they would have ignored.