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Title    Mea Culpa on Politics and Lessons Learned
Date    Sunday June 11 2017, @08:55PM
Author    n1
from the owning-up dept.

martyb writes:

I blew it.

You rightly hold SoylentNews to a high standard and I let you down when I merged three different political stories into a single story.

Rushing to get out the door to get to work, seeing the story queue running out, having seen the interest in the UK elections in our IRC channel, having heard much on the radio concerning former FBI Director Comey's testimony, seeing a story appear on a likely nomination for that vacated FBI post, and aware of the guideline on only one Politics story per day — I made a hurried decision to merge all three stories together.

The community rightly pointed out the shortcomings in that decision. Rest assured I won't make THAT decision again!

In retrospect, it would have been much better if I released two separate stories — one with the UK Election vote, and another with a merge of the FBI-related stories with, say, a 12-hour spacing between them.

It is a privilege to volunteer for this site, one that I do not take lightly. I let down the community — you deserve better. Trust that I have taken this lesson to heart and will strive to do better going forwards.


[n1: There will be a UK election story coming in the next day or so, when more details are available. The majority of the coverage so far is speculation and reports of agreements have been retracted.]

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