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What primary color scheme should SoylentNews have?

  • Red, as the dev team hath provided for us by default, and the dev team doth roxx0rs
  • Blue, because the dev team doth not know what is up
  • Green, for yea, it is still a primary color and it is the best color
  • Yellow, because I know the primary colors, thou insensitive clod, and when I did fingerpaint yellow was't one of them
  • Greyscale. As our forefathers and foremothers read the text, verily shall we do so
  • A rainbow of flavors: similar to Skittles, but not exactly alike, as that doth be trademarked or something
  • Other: I will'st provide specific feedback below, for thy poll sucks, thou insensitive clod
  • Linus Torvalds' colored: I dost not know what color he is nor prefers, yet that is the color I seekest with all my heart

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