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Title    DARPA: Shapeshifter Drones for Land and Air
Date    Saturday February 15 2014, @09:27AM
Author    Dopefish
from the not-for-same-day-amazon-prime-delivery dept.

Anonymous Coward writes:

"DARPA is building drones for combat which are able to perform multiple tasks both in the air and on land: Gizmodo reports:

'Its VTOL flight module would act as a standalone UAV—either remotely controlled by a ground unit's tablet or smart phone, or in future iterations, capable of semi-autonomous flight—with its own power, control, and propulsion systems. A pair of ducted fans will provide vertical lift and convert to provide forward thrust, allowing the ARES to lift up to 3,000 pounds of cargo and land in spots half the size of traditional helicopter landing pads. DARPA researchers hope to develop a number of mission-specific modules—cargo containers, casualty extraction (similar to this Israeli system), and reconnaissance payloads—that could be quickly swapped out for one another.'"


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  2. "this Israeli system" -

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