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Title    We Sold Out: SoylentNews Is Now SoylentMuffins!
Date    Tuesday April 01 2014, @02:50AM
Author    NCommander
from the I-for-one-welcome-our-new-muffiny-overlords dept.

Effectively immediately, the corn muffin in the staff refrigerator has succeeded in getting NCommander to sell out for the mindbogging huge sum of one million Vietnamese Dong. Deciding that allowing the community to decide on issues is stupid, our new muffiny overlord has renamed the site "SoylentMuffins". The muffin has been quoted that it plans to change the world, and while a manifesto is yet to be written, it unveiled its new slogan of "SoylentMuffins are made from people!", and that it hopes the community follows, in its own words, "ridding the planet of the human race".

I for one am excited to follow such a visionary pastry in its attempt at world domination!

The Bacon Eaters of ## were unavailable to comment at this time on this shocking turn of events , but we'll update this story once we've heard from them.

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