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Title    Amazon Sues Ex-Employee Who Went to Work for Google Cloud:
Date    Friday July 04 2014, @08:18PM
Author    janrinok
from the sour-grapes dept.

AnonTechie writes:

Last week, Amazon sued Zoltan Szabadi, who worked for Amazon Web Services until May, when he moved to a job working at Google Cloud Platform. The lawsuit, first reported by Geekwire, was filed on June 27 in King County Superior Court in Seattle. Amazon contends that Szabadi is violating the agreement, which calls him to avoid working for any competitors in the "target market" for 18 months after he leaves Amazon. It also bars him from working to hire any Amazon employees for 12 months after leaving.

Szabadi's lawyer told Amazon that his employment with Google does come with restrictions. His contract with Google states that for a period of six months, Szabadi won't be allowed to participate "directly or indirectly" in "sales, marketing, or business development... with or to any customers or strategic partners of your former employer." For the same six-month period, he's barred from assisting with the hiring of any other Amazon employees.

This story is from Ars Technica.


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