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Title    Samsung Gear VR Adds a Tracked Controller
Date    Tuesday February 28 2017, @05:12AM
Author    Fnord666
from the hopefully-flame-resistant dept.

takyon writes:

Samsung has redesigned its Gear VR mobile headset to include a motion controller, much like the one included with Google Daydream View:

Samsung is firing back at Google's Daydream VR system. The electronics company revealed that its third-generation consumer-grade VR HMD features a tracked controller. Google just lost its biggest advantage.

During Samsung's presentation at Mobile World Congress 2017, the Korean electronics giant announced the Samsung Gear VR with Controller, which, as you probably guessed, includes a motion controller like the one that Google provides with the Daydream View HMD.

The Gear VR controller features buttons for home, back, and volume control. It also includes a clickable trackpad like the one found on the HTC Vive controllers, as well as a trigger on the back. Samsung loaded the controller with an accelerometer, gyrometer, and magnetic sensors to offer limited motion control. When not in use, the Gear VR controller fits into a strap inside the headset so you don't lose it.

Although, "Google just lost its biggest advantage", Tom's Hardware's own coverage of Daydream highlights the machine-washable fabric outer shell and accommodation for eyeglasses.

Samsung press release.

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